I Will Be Kidnapped!


I might call it “Another Extrablatt!” Because after a turbulent week and a funeral (bereavement) without any (four) weddings, my adorable wife has holidays, which means freak out otherwhere! Though this time (as the condition demands), our trip will be no further than in the neighbourhood: Holand; from tomorrow Saturday, till the following Saturday. Therefore, I must apologise for will not burdening you for a while!

However, I had an unforgettable memory of my Holand’s trips, as I did it more often in the 90s.
Along with our younger friends, Al and I have travelled many times there. Not only because of “free smoking” but also the friendly and beautiful Dutch people. But this unique trip which I am talking about had some extraordinary events. That was about the middle of the 90s as we: Al, me and three friends borrowed my girlfriend’s car from those days and drove to Amsterdam. We wanted to stay there for about three days and had some sleeping bags to stay overnight in the parks. We had a lovely time and had got a lot of fun. On the last day, when we wanted to leave back home, one of our friends insisted that we had to have a final walk through the city and we could still drive home in the evening. We agreed, and I drove the car toward an abandoned place to park it and cared about the forbidden parking traffic signs; as I saw almost everywhere in Amsterdam, parking was strictly prohibited.

After our final cut, we returned to where I parked the car and shockingly saw the empty place. First, I thought loudly of some robbery, but Al meant it was daylight, and it couldn’t be. We were all confused until some young men passed by, and one of them said smilingly: the police must have towed it away! What!! I asked the young man if he could please tell us how we’d trace our car? He was so nice and gave us the direction; we walked about three or four kilometres till we reached the towing service. From there, we were sent to the police office a few kilometres away downtown. We were exhausted and out of breath when we reached that department. The officer was very kind to us and kindly asked for 250 Golden to give us the car back! How expensive! I said, and he answered: it’s so the price, and for the next time we should know there’s no free parking place in Amsterdam!

The truth is bitter! Once one had said, but this time it was truly bitter: we had not a penny in the packet. The only way out of this mess was to phone my girlfriend to ask for money if she’d like to see her car again! The officer was more kind to let me call home by his phone. Although my darling wasn’t so thrilled to hear the news, she unwillingly agreed to send me the money per post. It was the fastest way, and we had to accept it. We went to our car in the parking lot (all the towed vehicles). An officer warned us not to stay there, and better if we would take our sleeping bags and go to the opposite, there was a meadow to spend the night. We did that, more or less, and thank goodness that we were still young!

On the following day, early as possible, we walked to the post office (luckily wasn’t so far) and got back to pay the charge.
On the way back home, we sang songs and laughed at that adventure. Everything always goes easily in the youth when the battery is still full!
Have a lovely time till back then. 🤗🥰🙏💖✌🎻🎵

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