Anya in the Alley


Masterwork ❤🙏❤

Graffiti Lux Art & More

Not sure why I have been hoarding this.

It’s far too, beautiful not to share.

It’s a very long, skinny and close to the ground piece, so I have to show you the image in 2 pano pics.

Some close ups.

Pics taken by Resa – July 24, 2019

Toronto, Canada

The Artist(s)

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Happy Halloween – Is that a knife in my back or are you just happy to see me?


You make everybody’s Halloween dear Donna 🥰❤🙏🙏❤
Happy Halloween to all ❤🤗🙏❤


Your day starts off well. It’s Halloween (Happy Halloween!).

Everyone is excited, talking about costumes, candy, going to parties…

But suddenly, you find yourself alone, maybe in the woods, or a cemetery, or another dimension, a hell-spawn universe, basement, attic, abandoned summer camp, alley, decaying amusement park, no matter the location, it’s dark and foggy, silent, scary.

Your plans for picking up pizza before going out to a Halloween party now seem a dream while you’re in a nightmare.

Here are some ways to survive and even thrive what comes next:

1.  Do not, I repeat, do not go to “check things out”, you’re better off not knowing.

2.  Don’t call out things like, “Is anyone there?” or “Who’s there?”. You won’t like the answers.

3.  Find a good hiding place. Don’t make a lot of noise – don’t sob loudly or leave your cellphone on…

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Athena and Arachne


“Don’t eff with the ineffable.”

Likewise, don’t gloat over a Goddess.

Especially if she’s Greek…
A wonderful Tell, with ever Thanks 🙏🙏

Myth Crafts

Imagine this:

You are a shepherd’s daughter; from the time you were a child, you’ve worked the loom.

This is no longer work; it is pure art. It comes as naturally as breathing; it isn’t something you do.

It’s who your are. Your craft describes and defines you.

Some people can present their gifts with grace.

Others, not so much.

Your name is Arachne, and you are about to weave your own fate.


One of my favorite authors, the late great Robert Anton Wilson, once made a proclamation:

“Don’t eff with the ineffable.”

Likewise, don’t gloat over a Goddess.

Especially if she’s Greek…


Athena was the Goddess of War.

But she was also the Goddess of Arts and Crafts.

It was said that she sprang fully grown and armored from Zeus’ forehead.

Other tales recount that Zeus had swallowed Metis, Titaness of Wisdom.

After they had made love.

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Is Death An Illusion? Study Suggests YES!


An amazing report on an amazing issue 🙂 ❤


Is Death An Illusion? Study Suggests YES!

by Robert Lanza

After the death of his old friend, Albert Einstein said “Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

New evidence continues to suggest that Einstein was right – death is an illusion.

Our classical way of thinking is based on the belief that the world has an objective observer-independent existence. But a long list of experiments shows just the opposite. We think life is just the activity of carbon and an admixture of molecules – we live awhile and then rot into the ground.

We believe in death because we’ve been taught we die. Also, of course, because we associate ourselves with our body and we know bodies die. End of story. But biocentrism – a new theory of everything – tells us death may not be the terminal event we think. Amazingly, if you add life and consciousness to the equation, you can explain some of the biggest puzzles of science. For instance, it becomes clear why space and time – and even the properties of matter itself – depend on the observer. It also becomes clear why the laws, forces, and constants of the universe appear to be exquisitely fine-tuned for the existence of life.

Until we recognize the universe in our heads, attempts to understand reality will remain a road to nowhere.

Consider the weather ‘outside’: You see a blue sky, but the cells in your brain could be changed so the sky looks green or red. In fact, with a little genetic engineering we could probably make everything that is red vibrate or make a noise, or even make you want to have sex like with some birds. You think its bright out, but your brain circuits could be changed so it looks dark out. You think it feels hot and humid, but to a tropical frog it would feel cold and dry. This logic applies to virtually everything. Bottom line: What you see could not be present without your consciousness.

In truth, you can’t see anything through the bone that surrounds your brain. Your eyes are not portals to the world. Everything you see and experience right now – even your body – is a whirl of information occurring in your mind. According to biocentrism, space and time aren’t the hard, cold objects we think. Wave your hand through the air – if you take everything away, what’s left? Nothing. The same thing applies for time. Space and time are simply the tools for putting everything together.

Consider the famous two-slit experiment. When scientists watch a particle pass through two slits in a barrier, the particle behaves like a bullet and goes through one slit or the other. But if you don’t watch, it acts like a wave and can go through both slits at the same time. So how can a particle change its behavior depending on whether you watch it or not? The answer is simple – reality is a process that involves your consciousness.

Or consider Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle. If there is really a world out there with particles just bouncing around, then we should be able to measure all their properties. But you can’t. For instance, a particle’s exact location and momentum can’t be known at the same time. So why should it matter to a particle what you decide to measure? And how can pairs of entangled particles be instantaneously connected on opposite sides of the galaxy as if space and time don’t exist? Again, the answer is simple: because they’re not just ‘out there’ – space and time are simply tools of our mind.

Death doesn’t exist in a timeless, spaceless world. Immortality doesn’t mean a perpetual existence in time, but resides outside of time altogether.

Our linear way of thinking about time is also inconsistent with another series of recent experiments. In 2002, scientists showed that particles of light “photons” knew – in advance – what their distant twins would do in the future. They tested the communication between pairs of photons. They let one photon finish its journey – it had to decide whether to be either a wave or a particle. Researchers stretched the distance the other photon took to reach its own detector. However, they could add a scrambler to prevent it from collapsing into a particle. Somehow, the first particle knew what the researcher was going to do before it happened – and across distances instantaneously as if there were no space or time between them. They decide not to become particles before their twin even encounters the scrambler. It doesn’t matter how we set up the experiment. Our mind and its knowledge is the only thing that determines how they behave. Experiments consistently confirm these observer-dependent effects.

Bizarre? Consider another experiment that was recently published in the prestigious scientific journal Science (Jacques et al, 315, 966, 2007). Scientists in France shot photons into an apparatus, and showed that what they did could retroactively change something that had already happened in the past. As the photons passed a fork in the apparatus, they had to decide whether to behave like particles or waves when they hit a beam splitter. Later on – well after the photons passed the fork – the experimenter could randomly switch a second beam splitter on and off. It turns out that what the observer decided at that point, determined what the particle actually did at the fork in the past. At that moment, the experimenter chose his past.

Of course, we live in the same world. But critics claim this behavior is limited to the microscopic world. But this ‘two-world’ view (that is, one set of physical laws for small objects, and another for the rest of the universe including us) has no basis in reason and is being challenged in laboratories around the world. A couple years ago, researchers published a paper in Nature (Jost et al, 459, 683, 2009) showing that quantum behavior extends into the everyday realm. Pairs of vibrating ions were coaxed to entangle so their physical properties remained bound together when separated by large distances (“spooky action at a distance,” as Einstein put it). Other experiments with huge molecules called ‘Buckyballs’ also show that quantum reality extends beyond the microscopic world. And in 2005, KHC03 crystals exhibited entanglement ridges one-half inch high, quantum behavior nudging into the ordinary world of human-scale objects.

We generally reject the multiple universes of Star Trek as fiction, but it turns out there is more than a morsel of scientific truth to this popular genre. One well-known aspect of quantum physics is that observations can’t be predicted absolutely. Instead, there is a range of possible observations each with a different probability. One mainstream explanation, the “many-worlds” interpretation, states that each of these possible observations corresponds to a different universe (the ‘multiverse’). There are an infinite number of universes and everything that could possibly happen occurs in some universe. Death does not exist in any real sense in these scenarios. All possible universes exist simultaneously, regardless of what happens in any of them.

Life is an adventure that transcends our ordinary linear way of thinking. When we die, we do so not in the random billiard-ball-matrix but in the inescapable-life-matrix. Life has a non-linear dimensionality – it’s like a perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.

“The influences of the senses,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson “has in most men overpowered the mind to the degree that the walls of space and time have come to look solid, real and insurmountable; and to speak with levity of these limits in the world is the sign of insanity.”

About the authorRobert Lanza has published extensively in leading scientific journals. His book “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe” lays out the scientific argument for his theory of everything.

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Praha (Prague) 2


The Freiberger Mulde (CzechFreiberská Mulda, also called the Östliche Mulde or Eastern Mulde) is the right-hand, 124-kilometre-long (77 mi) headstream of the river Mulde, whose catchment covers an area of 2,981 km2 (1,151 sq mi) in the Czech Republic and Germany in central Saxony. It has a volumetric flow of 35.3 m3/s (1,250 cu ft/s) which is greater than that of the other headstream, the Zwickauer Mulde (or Westliche Mulde or Western Mulde) who flow is about 26.4 m3/s (930 cu ft/s),[2] which is nevertheless the longer stream.

The source of the river is in the Ore Mountains, near Moldava, in the Czech Republic. It runs northwest, crossing the border with Germany after a few km, to Freiberg (hence the name), and further northwest through NossenDöbeln and Leisnig. A few km north of Colditz, the Freiberger Mulde is joined by the Zwickauer Mulde to form the Mulde. The Mulde is a tributary of the Elbe. via;

I just have to think of a lovely river-song which I loved and used to play on the streets in the youngest times 😉

That is really one of the most beautiful and calm rivers as I’ve ever seen. As I walked along with this marvellous streaming, my mind was floating with Smetana’s Vltava (The Moldau), great Czech composer. http://Bedřich Smetana – Wikipedia

this piece fulfilled my soul as I’s watching the sparkles on the water surface.

Yes, Prague is identical with its Art. As we went to the house of Antonín Dvořák, one of the greatest musician in the world it was an amazing experience.

I have lost much time to search for one piece by Dvorak which I love but couldn’t find it.. damn!! Anyway, I have not share yet my favourite piece; Franz Kafka, and I will try next weekend to do it s, then; to be continued 😉 . Thank you all lovely friends and wish you a wonderful weekend ❤ ❤

Reading The Red Book (12)


“Leonardo da Vinci wrote in his Notebooks: “It should not be hard for you to stop sometimes and look into the stains of walls, or ashes of a fire, or clouds, or mud or like places in which … you may find really marvellous ideas.”
― C.G. Jung, Man and His Symbols
With thanks for continuing this wonderful description 🙏💖🙏

The Delta Pearl, 12 — Prognosticate


All Aboard, keep sailing (reading 😉 )😊💖

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Photo by Dan AntionPhoto by Dan Antion

The steampunk riverboat is here.  Hello, my chuckaboos!  Thanks for coming back to the The Delta Pearl.  Based on my own experiences the past two weeks (and more), I know it might have been difficult for you to get here.

I hope everyone is still onboard, despite the wide-spread difficulties WordPress is causing many of us. Their denial of accountability has gotten as bad as my horrible Internet “provider” TDS Telecom… (Provider is in quotes because I don’t have Internet more often than I actually do.)  Now WordPress is making it hugely difficult for me to interact with any of you with comments or simple likes.  At this moment in time, I’m so frustrated with WordPress that I don’t know if I can keep blogging.  I am sorry that I haven’t been able to visit as many of you…

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on the search of bicycle clips with Satan in one act. please have your handkerchief by side 😂😂🙏👍💖



Venue, Hell – Post the Beginning of Time: A most disgruntled Satan is rummaging about Hell looking for his bicycle clips. Ever since the idea struck him last evening he’d been looking forward to going ‘off road’ on his new mountain bike, a present from Enepsigos (the fallen angel who appears in the shape of woman). Satan being a tad on the bisexual side has always had a soft spot for Enepsigos – needs must when the devil drives and all that!  Anyway, what happened was that Satan had, upon positively tearing off the Halford’s wrappings that had encased his new pushbike, duly assigned the task of purchasing the bicycle clips to Purah (the fallen angel of forgetfulness). In short Purah, whilst pretty sure he purchased said ‘clips’, cannot for the hell of him remember where he put the bloody things!

Satan: “Well this is brilliant. All I ask…

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Jazz Age Wednesdays ― Pip in the Field of Fear


Children holding hands ☺️ fantastic ❤❤🙏🙏❤🙏🥰🤗

Teagan's Books

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Welcome back to Jazz Age Wednesdays!

WordPress has made blogging so difficult for me that I’m taking the week off — sort of anyhow.  I’m rerunning this short story from 2017.  Unfortunately, because of the WordPress problems, I won’t be able to visit many blogs during this “sort of break.” 

In celebration of Halloween two years ago, I wrote 1920s tale about Pip and some of her friends.  I let search engines guide me to three random things to drive this story ― first Google, then Yahoo, then Bing.  I typed in “Halloween,” hit enter, and used the first thing that caught my eye at each.  The three things are:  candy, fields of fear, and children holding hands

Whether you were around the first time, or it’s new to you, I hope you enjoy it.

Pip in the Fields of Fear

Peoples Home Journal Halloween 1924People’s Home…

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