Praha (Prague) 1


A short introduction;

I don’t really lament or as in German we say; jammern (yammer) but I’m really to be deplored! I have had planed since Wednesday when I came back from Prague trip to write a journal and the Saturday is for me the only chance but the God of luck wasn’t agreed to give me the chance and I had to fight all my morning and forenoon to get the pictures into my PC!! I have used a lot of tricks and ways which I knew but finally just could get them in an afternoon!

Anyway, let me try at least to begin it if I should make it as some partitions. As I still believe that I’m not a writer (as a professional at least) I need a longer time to write a story; (with a confess that I type with one finger each hand 😀 )

So; I wanted to see Prague because of my long but not lost interest since my youth. I know the city from its intelligence!; As I have heard of so many artists history and scene in the legendary pops; especially Franz Kafka’s tells. And also the 68’s Prague Spring with Alexander Dubček which it failed by the inversions USSR.

Alexander Dubček

Thanks my adorable wife, as she is caring for me and my wishes, arranged this short but amazing trip to see my idol(s). She knows me well as she might think that I have not so much time and must not take my all wishes with me into the grave. Please don’t think I’m exaggerating something; if you’d live in a country of the “so-called”; third world but have a brain on the beat, you’d surely have many wishes!

Before I share the pictures I want to show my appreciations to this; Czechoslovakia or these countries; Czech Republic & Slovakia for their separation in a peaceful condition which is unique in the human’s history. The Dissolution of Czechoslovakia

we can really recognize the whole city as a museum ❤

to be continued ❤ ❤

10 thoughts on “Praha (Prague) 1

  1. Hallo lieber Aladin , da hast du eine schöne Reise gemacht . Prag ist eine schöne Stadt und man sollte sie öfters besuchen 😄ich habe im vorigen Jahr Prag an Silvester besucht und es war traumhaft .
    Liebe Grüße Mona 😊

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    • oh ja, das ist sicher eine würdige stadt, um sie oft zu besuchen, ich habe das gefühl, als ich die stadt verließ, dass ich sicherlich wieder zurückkehren möchte. Ich weiß aber nicht, ob ich in Sylvester dabei sein will! Es wäre sicherlich überfüllt 😉 Alles gute Aladin

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