The Moon and Trees


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House of Heart

Beyond the terrace
I pace barefoot through
the garden past the blurred
flowers that bend their petals
as though they know me.
Brilliant in the starlight
the old tree stands apart
as if  having outgrown the
rest it needs space.
It sighs to the song of a breeze
limbs reaching to the sky.
I wonder if it has eyes
to hold such history.
I feel it is friends
with the moon
I  hear them laughing at us.


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Clíodhna and the Blarney Stone


“the gift of the Gab”, so to speak.

Ironic, given the number of pubs named after it.

And as for Clíodhna herself?

I imagine she’s still there in County Cork…

Watching over her Blarney Stone…
We all must kiss the Blarney stone 😊 💖 🙏

Myth Crafts

Many, many years long past, the Tuatha Dé Danannan, the divinities of the ancients, ruled over Ireland.

Now some of them were merciful; others were wrathful, and still others, like the Banshees [Old Irish, Ban Side, “women of the mound”] were harbingers of death.

The Banshees were neither cruel nor unkind; they merely foretold the immanent death of a family member, typically through wailing, shrieking or keening, which is a traditional lament for the dead.

So what did a Banshee look like?

Well, their appearance varied by account and region. They have been described as having long streaming hair, wearing a grey cloak (over a green dress), and glaring out through red, bloodshot eyes (from their crying). Likewise, they were sometimes dressed in white, with shocking red hair and a dead, ghoulish pallor.

Occasionally, they looked like a young girl, typically a family member who died in youth.


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Splendor Solis



Splendor_Solis_19_Black_Sun Splendor_Solis_19_Black_Sun

One of the most sumptuous and beautiful of all illuminated alchemical texts, Splendor Solis was published in various versions throughout the German states in the 16th Century. Attributed to Salomon Trismosin, a legendary figure who acquired the Philosopher’s Stone and was allegedly Paracelsus’s teacher, Splendor contains 22 (the same number as the Major Arcana of the Tarot)  gorgeous, mystifying images with elaborate decorative borders reminiscent of  medieval Book of Hours. As with all alchemical treatises the text is full of dense allegorical references to the Solar King and Lunar Queen, death and re-birth, the black and the inner suns, planets and tinctures.

Splendor_Solis_04_Solar_King_and_Lunar_Queen_meet Splendor_Solis_04_Solar_King_and_Lunar_Queen_Meet

Splendor_Solis_05_Miners_Excavating_Hill Splendor_Solis_05_Miners_Excavating_Hill

Splendor_Solis_06_Philosophers_Beside_Tree Splendor_Solis_06_Philosophers_Beside_Tree

Splendor_Solis_07_Drowning_King Splendor_Solis_07_Drowning_King

Splendor_Solis_09_Hermaphrodite_with_Egg Splendor_Solis_09_Hermaphrodite_with_Egg

Splendor_Solis_10_Severing_the_Head_of_the_King Splendor_Solis_10_Severing_the_Head_of_the_King

Splendor_Solis_12_Saturn_Dragon_and_Child Splendor_Solis_12_Saturn_Dragon_and_Child

Splendor_Solis_16_Venus_Peacocks_Tail Splendor_Solis_16_Venus_Peacocks_Tail

Splendor_Solis_21_Women_Washing_Clothes Splendor_Solis_21_Women_Washing_Clothes

Splendor_Solis_22_Sun_Rising_Over_the_City Splendor_Solis_22_Sun_Rising_Over_the_City

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Eichmann in Jerusalem and “the banality of evil,”


That is the title of one of Hannah Arendt books, a great political philosopher in the 20th century.

Hannah Cohn Arendt

She just made me think how we look at the history; our history, and mark the special personalities with some especial paraphrase name; such as The angel or rescuer or as devil or evil and with these we distance ourselves from them as we had have nothing to do with.

Hannah Arendt discussed in her book about the Eichmann as a functional object in the system as everyone else might try to do its best! it is the matter of system which we are involving more and more in our modern life. that is the systematic function in society. in the development of our civilisation, just do it as best as you can. we are almost unconsciously trying to be more functional and fitter into our environment (Jobs, Neighbourhood, etc.) as we might win the cup!

As she explains; We call them (Hitler or Eichmann or…) Devils and Evils but in reality, for example, Eichmann, had got his job to vanish the Jews, he had tried to give his best! it might sound brutal but it’s just the bitterness of the truth. the main thing as we truly consider and look deeply in our society especially in politics, we are (I do the accent on “WE”) all trying to be functional. without thinking twice what for we are engaged to do. believe me that there are many peoples who, with no concern, just try to get the best result of their doing.

As my brother and me, escaped from Iran to Germany, we both wanted to work and earn the money by ourselves, my brother was a writer, from the head down to the feet, I since a long time ago, already decided nothing to do but just help brother to catch his aim. although in Germany, I didn’t want to get social help from the government as it’s usual here, therefore, tried to find a job. at first, began to play on the streets; it took a while; me and my guitar travelling through the cities and playing here and there to make people happy but the life was going more expensively and therefore, I had to try another one; become a taxi driver! that was an idea by a friend who knew me how I loved driving. anyway, I became one of them but a special one; you know why, because, I am not just transporting people from A to B, I try to help them to have a nice time in the taxi with me, listening to and have an understanding. I just want to say that I take the job consciously to make it better as it once was and not only to be functional in this business! I try just to listen to them and understand their dilemma.

In any case, I’d never want to show off myself, just to say about the way we do our jobs; functional or by their own creations.

At last but not least; reading the books by Hannah Arendt helped me to understand not only about me but the whole society around this planet.

as Dr Jung says;

Cheers all dear friends and have a wonderful Weekend ❤ ❤

It is our responsibility to care for our nation|مسئولیت ما مراقبت از ملت ما است


the old but still current story. the stock exchange (speculation) in the middle ages ☺ 😏 wonderful 🙏 💖

A Voice from Iran


The king of a small territory came across a huge conflict in treasury. He had to come up with a plan or soon he would lose his power and wealth. He told his Minister: “I have a plan. Announce to the people that the government will buy their camels for 10 gold coins.”


The Minister said: “We don’t need camels. The price of a camel is 5 coins; why should we pay more? And we can’t risk what is left of the money.”


The king replied: “Just trust my idea and do it.”

The government announced the news and some people got very excited about the double profit and sold their camels to the government.


The following week king said: “Now announce that we buy camels for 30 gold coins.”

The Minister didn’t like the king’s idea but he couldn’t argue.


Many people sold their camels and the ones who…

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Denisov, the good guy from War and Peace


Great read these Russian Literatures ❤❤

A Russian Affair

The writer Boris Akunin once said in an interview that Tolstoy’s characters are as real to him as, and sometimes even more real than, real people. I absolutely agree, and I enjoy exploring the various characters. So for those who also agree, here’s yet another War and Peace blog post. About Denisov this time. A favorite of many readers, and one of those characters who one would have liked to have had a bigger part.

The opposite of Dolokhov

Denisov is the complete opposite of Dolokhov. Where Dolokhov is described as handsome, with piercing blue eyes and without moustache, Denisov is hairy, with a disheveled moustache, and eyes as black as coal. Dolokhov usually wins when playing cards (albeit cheating) and Denisov usually loses.

Their personalties couldn’t be more opposed either: although Tolstoy describes a rogue who drinks heavily and curses heartily when he introduces Denisov, from the way…

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For You are my Universe ❤❤👍

House of Heart

I’ve become a cove girl,

my pockets filled with pearls

and limbs of twine tied

to nothing.

The moonlight streaming

down my throat is an antidote

for words.

I come to you wrapped in

a veil of nakedness,

so light I barely imprint

the sand.

Let us be specks together

in this immense world

for you are my universe.

The wet walls echo with sighs,

it’s been eons since they’ve heard

the moans of lovers.

Silent  seas wait impatiently

as we tumble in its lair.


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eve cover art best quality art suchet feather-2



Shirley Blamey & Mike Steeden

“Clouds above, what is this bloke on? He only introduced a new book a week or so ago…now another? Is the man off his head?”

Probably I am, however in my defence this one is more than a tad different from its forebearer. Firstly, a poles apart genre; secondly, it is co-authored with Shirley Blamey. It’s name is ‘Whatever Happened To Eve?’

Eighteen months previous I commenced collecting ever willing words for this story. A third of the book complete, the new words arriving were a motley crew who took it upon themselves to mutiny. Plainly, I was left with little choice but to have them walk the plank.

Then a stroke of good fortune. It was in September last year, having suffered a freakish eye injury some months previous that had slowed my progress down to a snail’s…

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