There are two ways of reproducing: physical and mental


By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife With a great thank for the inspiration ❤

A Symposium which we must ever learn to know at least the mining of life. I mean, the main thing in our existence is these both poles; the Body and the Soul. Or as Dr C. G. Jung said;

Or as we might know about Cathars and Catharism, or Mani; the painter or the prophet; a revolutionary in the Zarathushtrian time in the old Persians. . They all are talking about these two part of us. and if we get to know both functions, we might find out the truth of our being here… or at least a part of it. 🙂 🙏💖

Searching The Meaning Of Life! (STMOL)

The craving for reproduction is yet another element of love. There are two ways of reproducing: physical and mental. The loved ones join their bodies to reproduce. Intercourse is a divine thing, says Diotima, but the mental model of reproduction is superior because the soul gives birth to another indestructible ideas and feelings. Those who are pregnant in the soul are arrested by thought.

They are the poets, the artists, the wise men and, finally, the legislators who teach wisdom and righteousness. Thus, a lover can bring to the soul of the mistress the knowledge, virtue, respect for the good, the law and the good. The beauty, the truth and the virtue are three concepts and at the same time one. They are aspects of the same reality. Love is “the way to the more beauty”. This is the path of immortality. 

Picture (1): ‘Fetus’ table by Tiffany Bozik

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