Eichmann in Jerusalem and “the banality of evil,”


That is the title of one of Hannah Arendt books, a great political philosopher in the 20th century.

Hannah Cohn Arendt

She just made me think how we look at the history; our history, and mark the special personalities with some especial paraphrase name; such as The angel or rescuer or as devil or evil and with these we distance ourselves from them as we had have nothing to do with.

Hannah Arendt discussed in her book about the Eichmann as a functional object in the system as everyone else might try to do its best! it is the matter of system which we are involving more and more in our modern life. that is the systematic function in society. in the development of our civilisation, just do it as best as you can. we are almost unconsciously trying to be more functional and fitter into our environment (Jobs, Neighbourhood, etc.) as we might win the cup!

As she explains; We call them (Hitler or Eichmann or…) Devils and Evils but in reality, for example, Eichmann, had got his job to vanish the Jews, he had tried to give his best! it might sound brutal but it’s just the bitterness of the truth. the main thing as we truly consider and look deeply in our society especially in politics, we are (I do the accent on “WE”) all trying to be functional. without thinking twice what for we are engaged to do. believe me that there are many peoples who, with no concern, just try to get the best result of their doing.

As my brother and me, escaped from Iran to Germany, we both wanted to work and earn the money by ourselves, my brother was a writer, from the head down to the feet, I since a long time ago, already decided nothing to do but just help brother to catch his aim. although in Germany, I didn’t want to get social help from the government as it’s usual here, therefore, tried to find a job. at first, began to play on the streets; it took a while; me and my guitar travelling through the cities and playing here and there to make people happy but the life was going more expensively and therefore, I had to try another one; become a taxi driver! that was an idea by a friend who knew me how I loved driving. anyway, I became one of them but a special one; you know why, because, I am not just transporting people from A to B, I try to help them to have a nice time in the taxi with me, listening to and have an understanding. I just want to say that I take the job consciously to make it better as it once was and not only to be functional in this business! I try just to listen to them and understand their dilemma.

In any case, I’d never want to show off myself, just to say about the way we do our jobs; functional or by their own creations.

At last but not least; reading the books by Hannah Arendt helped me to understand not only about me but the whole society around this planet.

as Dr Jung says;

Cheers all dear friends and have a wonderful Weekend ❤ ❤



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