The Sticking Place


what a shrink thinks

 If we should fail?

Lady Macbeth:
  We fail? 
But screw your courage to the sticking place,
 And we’ll not fail.

Macbeth, Act 1, scene 7, 59-61

Committing psychotherapeutic acts takes extraordinary courage.

Facing down anxieties, digging down underneath painful symptoms, revealing vulnerabilities, casting out demons, seeking salvation, asking forgiveness, challenging abuse, severing damaging relationships, examining your failures, flaws, weaknesses, revealing your shames, contending with guilt, grieving, preparing to die, coming out, fighting for intimacy, encountering emptiness, apprehending your own murderousness, and the depths of your hungers and desires, setting limits and boundaries, saying “no”, tolerating exposure, baring your soul, withstanding the pain, changing your life, telling the truth…

Telling the truth.

Holy shit.

These are terrifying acts.

I can think of no psychotherapeutic action that does not require courage.

I cannot think of a single split second of the 30 years I have spent engaged…

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Ronald, Donald, Carl and Fred


what a shrink thinks

It’s you I like,

It’s not the things you wear,

It’s not the way you do your hair–

But it’s you I like.

The way you are right now,

The way down deep inside you–

Not the things that hide you,

Not your toys–

They’re just beside you.

 But it’s you I like–

Every part of you,

Your skin, your eyes, your feelings

Whether old or new.

I hope that you’ll remember

Even when you’re feeling blue

That it’s you I like, 

It’s you yourself, 

It’s you, it’s you I like.

 It’s You I Like

~ By Fred M. Rogers © 1970

I’ve been re-reading a lot of Ronald Fairbairn’s works  lately. An object relational psychoanalyst- writing through the 1950’s – a man who worked with abused children, “shell-shocked” war vets and introverts. He was number one on my theorist hit parade for many years, but dropped off…

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“The God Ra: Iconography”


AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

We are very glad to present you the study
“The God Ra: Iconography”
dedicated to the iconography of the God Ra,
with all the forms and names from the “Litany of Ra”

(click on the image to open the link)


-Ra as a falcon-headed man
-Anthropomorphic form of Ra
-Zoomorphic and combined forms of Ra
-The Sun with the forms of Ra

Iconographic index:

I part: Ra as a falcon-headed man

II part: Ra in anthropomorphic form
-Ra in His form of Divine Child

III part: Ra in His form of sacred falcon
-Ra as a human-headed falcon
-Ra as a ram-headed falcon

IV part: Ra in His form of sacred cat
-Ra as a cat-headed man

V part: Ra as a lion-headed man
-Ra in His form of hieracosphinx

VI part: Ra in His sacred forms of calf and bull

VII part: Ra in His forms of sacred…

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