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Think back a few days. If you remember, the Belgian novelist Bob Van Laerhoven and I agreed to read each other’s book and review it. In my case I read and reviewed the Kindle version of his short story collection – Dangerous Obsessions.

For his part Bob read the paperback version of my novella Cataclysm (click the above cover). Here is what he had to say in his review:

5.0 out of 5 stars  An adventure in time and thoughts

Format: Paperback
It’s hard to put a “genre” on “Cataclysm” and that’s just what I like in “modern literature”. Although the novel is short, Jack Eason manages to touch a lot of fascinating themes without giving the impression that the story is rushed. Literature harbours a great deal of tales about time-travel, but “Cataclysm” adds a kind of…

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Who Am “I”?


The First Question of All Time!! ❤

Through the Peacock's Eyes

the-divineWho am I? This physical brain is not posing the question, who is Julianne Victoria, but who is the “I” that lies behind the individual identity and separate physical body that is experiencing the typing of these words? Who am “I”?

In my post A Vessel of the Divine on the blog Blazing Light of Glory, which this body-mind co-creates with my Course in Miracles study-buddy Lisa of BloomLisa, I discuss how the body, including the individual mind in the physical brain, is how we mostly identify ourselves. The separation from God, Nature, and others that the individual mind believes, however, is just an illusion. This is a very challenging concept for the individual body-mind, the ego. However, what can be even more challenging is understanding who am “I”.

Firstly I’d like to point out that the ego, by which I mean the individual identity connected to each of our…

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New Moon with a Bang – Literally!


Through the Peacock's Eyes

Yesterday morning I recorded the New Moon Vedic Astrology General Horoscope, and I kept saying this was a New Moon with a Bang. According to Vedic Astrology, today’s New Moon is in Aries with the Sun (for those not astronomically inclined, all New Moons are conjoined the Sun) at 4° Aries with Mercury and Mars also in Aries. The Sun is exalted in Aries, and Mars rules Aries, so a lot of fire, energy, and vitality with this New Moon. Hence, a New Moon with a Bang!

Interestingly, last night at around 10:30 pm I awoke to the sounds of bangs or booms in the sky. They weren’t firework sounds, and they moved about in the sky. I had heard of mysterious booming sounds in the sky and did some more research this morning. They may have to do with earthquakes (this is earthquake country) or solar flares, but you…

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