Why do we bother to write?


Have We Had Help?


It’s a damned good question – why indeed?

Writing is a thankless task. To begin with it helps if you have masochistic tendencies. Without a doubt it has to be one of the most disheartening things to engage yourself in these days. Right from the start everything is stacked against you. From the assortment of literary critics, conventional publishing’s gatekeepers and literary agents, not forgetting the trolls, all of them only too happy to trash the product of all your hard work – which is why so many of us prefer to self-publish. But even going down that route has its drawbacks. Then there is the fact that unfortunately we’re living in an era when the majority of the population these days struggle to read anything longer than a tweet. Before you start screaming at me, yes I can hear your hackles rising from here over that last sentence. But…

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Brave Iranian women biking against the ban


IRAN 24/07

On the 10th of September, Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, issued a “fatwa” (a religious decree which is law) forbidding women to ride bikes in public places for fear that they would attract “the attention of men and exposes the society to corruption”. Bicycles, he continued, “contravenes women’s chastity, and it must be abandoned”. His fatwa followed a declaration one week earlier in which he defined the “role and mission” of Iranian women as “motherhood and housekeeping”. In the process, once again, the regime in Tehran is finding new ways of turning its citizens into criminals.

The need to issue such a fatwa rose since women riding bike in public was considered a “sin” but there isn’t a law in the Iranian penal code regarding women on bikes. The issue of women on bicycles has been buzzing in Iran since around May when authorities began placing signs in parks…

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Carl Jung: We have some discussions over here with physicists concerning this matter.


To J. B. RhineDear Dr. Rhine, 1 April 1948I’ve read your book with the greatest interest and I thank you very much for sending me more than one copy. People read it a lot over here and I have…

Source: Carl Jung: We have some discussions over here with physicists concerning this matter.

Carl Jung: …the concept of the self cannot be described as a summum bonum.


To Armin KesserDear Herr Kesser, 18 June 1949I would like to thank you very much for your amiable review of my book Symbolik des Geistes.You have succeeded in handling this difficult material in a …

Source: Carl Jung: …the concept of the self cannot be described as a summum bonum.