Journey’s end – well almost!


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CELESTE cover 8,5 x 11

The end of the final chapter of Céleste’s tale is in sight. I now have to decide which one of a number of endings I have in mind, is the one I eventually settle upon.

Decisions, decisions…

I freely admit, it’s not often that I wish I could carry on writing a particular story quite literaly for ever. But in this instance, that’s exactly how I feel. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Céleste as I do with each of my heroines, every time I write a new story. Nothing unusual there.

As for how I feel about her fellow travellers, Rieko, Andreas, Flávia, Lukas and David, ours is the kind of love/hate relationship familiar to everyone at work or at home. You will understand what I mean when you are able read the Ebook version for yourselves in a few short weeks from now, after I’ve reformatted…

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Transformational Journaling for Personal Growth!


Through the Peacock's Eyes

I tucked the first announcement for this teleconference workshop in my last Butterfly Journal post, but feel it is due its own post so those searching for it can easily find it. I hope you join us on journeying through Butterfly Journal together!

Transformational Journaling for Personal Growth

with Butterfly Journal


During this 12 session interactive teleconference workshop, we will journey through Butterfly Journal together:

  • Discussing the journal prompts and journal entry examples
  • Brainstorming, outlining, and writing down key words of inspiration
  • Sharing (optional) our writing 
  • Discussing personal insights, revelations, & challenges
  • Posing questions to the group & self-inquiry

What will you gain and benefit from taking this workshop and going on this transformational journey?

  • Skills in self-reflection 
  • Awareness and acknowledgment of your shadow side
  • Healing of old and newer emotional and psychological wounds
  • A clearer view and perception of yourself, your actions, and how they affect others
  • A…

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like a stroke



michelangelo creation

most spellbinding…most absorbing
is her gaze from beneath God’s arm
toward Adam’s last oblivion

her…my…instant dawning
empathy pierces through me
like a stroke

I know…
cloud gazers see a diorama…
some halved sugar crystal Easter
egg of iconic chaos

perception varies…the magenta cloak
is brain semi-skull …is female uterus
is reminiscent Botticelli

what enthralls me absolute…
her prescience… exquisite as a
master cellist’s single bowing

this quintessential
this timeless
this Michelangelo

Bonnie Marshall

Fresco by Michelangelo Buonarroti
Sistine Chapel

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Just a friendly word of warning


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Whenever anyone is accused of misspelling a word by a self rightious, some might even say pig ignorant, grammar nazi, especially one living somewhere in the United States where what passes for English is nothing more or less than a mishmash of several long since dead seventeenth century English dialects and ways of spelling, those of us who actually write and converse using the genuine article, can be forgiven for seeing red occasionally and lashing out in defence of our language!

So grammar nazis, I would strongly suggest that you think long and hard before you feel tempted to open your big mouth to pull someone up for the way they spell a word, unless you wish to become publically exposed as a total ignoramus. The ball is entirely in your court…

Now Read Derek’s thoughts on the subject

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Talk Like an Egyptian – English Corner at Manchester Museum Tuesday 2 Feb


Museum Meets

Join us at Manchester Museum for English Corner on Tuesday 2 February at 1pm for free English conversation class.

The theme is Egyptian amulets.

English Corner also takes place in Manchester Art Gallery and Whitworth Art Gallery.

The February dates are:

Daytime sessions

Tuesday 2 Feb 1-2.30 at Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, M13 9PL
Wednesday 10 Feb 1-2.30 at Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, M2 3JL
Friday 26 Feb 10.30-12 at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Rd, M15 6ER

Evening Sessions

Thursday 18 Feb 6.30-8 p.m at Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, M2 3JL

English Corner runs every month on the first Tuesday, second Wednesday, third Thursday and fourth Friday. You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you can.

What is English Corner?

English Corner uses art and objects to help people practise English.

Practise your English speaking and listening skills. It’s a free English conversation class for…

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Butterfly Journal: Expansion (Month 8, Entry 2)


Through the Peacock's Eyes

wood_nymph Art by Josephine Wall

In Entry 1 for the eighth month of Butterfly Journal I discussed empathy, compassion, the differences between the two, and how both connect us to in this interconnected web of existence. Since posting that post, I have been both observing and contemplating on how much expansion I have experienced just in the past couple of months:

  • I’ve moved to a new location that I love.
  • My Tarot, Astrology, & Energy Healing practice has been expanding in busy-ness and in growing internationally.
  • I’ve been expanding my personal yoga practice once again to an almost daily practice.
  • Locally I have been expanding my connections – meeting new people and regularly exploring new locations.
  • And without even trying and with people just appearing to me, I have begun to attract and build a local client base.

I definitely have been “bursting out of the bonds of the cocoon,”…

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The Absolute Essential


Have We Had Help?


Come on own up, how many of you actually bother to consult ‘the definitive dictionary’. We’re not talking about Websters or any other foreign interloper here. We’re talking about the standard work by which all others are judged -The Concise Oxford Dictionary!

Well? What are you waiting for – click me!!!

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