Agatha Christie


Death on Nile

“Death on the Nile” – ” Mort Sur Nil, 3ème “
1978 first film adaptation by the British John Guillermin Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot
2006: second adaptation by Andy Wilson with David Suchet as Hercule Poirot
2019-2020: 3rd ongoing adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel by Fox and Kenneth Branagh

Certainly, I don’t need to introduce this Dame to anyone. She was and has ever been a Genius in writing such as murder mystery novels and she will always remain the master.

Agatha Christie

I have not read any book of her but seen almost all the “made of” movies. Of course, I must say that it’s not only Hercule Poirot which had fascinated me, but there’s also Miss Marple too an amazing character.

it’s always fascinating to see how ingeniously and powerfully she creates the moments of the crimes and how variable are the mysteries. Brilliant!

Now in this article by my dear friend and an Egyptologist; Marie Grillot I find out that there is another version of Death on The Nile has been made by Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh

Kenneth Branagh

I knew he had made a third version of the novel; Orient Express and I’ve seen this and also both older ones, but never heard of the third one on Death on The Nile!

Anyway, it’s nice to read this article (have translated from French) and see the old famous great actors again. Have a wonderful weekend. ❤ ❤


Mort sur Nil, 3ème ! (Death on Nile, 3rd!)

While Thomas Cook, initiator of the cruises on the Nile, is shipwrecked, “Death on the Nile” resurfaced! Indeed, after the success of the movie “The Crime of the Orient Express” released in 2017, the Fox – and Kenneth Branagh – decided to adapt the 3rd version of “Death on the Nile”.This novel by Agatha Christie was published on November 1, 1937, in the United Kingdom, the following year in the United States, then in France in 1945.

“Death on the Nile” – “Mort Sur le Nil”
The Agatha Christie novel published on 1 November 1937 in the UK,
in 1938 in the USA, in 1945 in France

For her writing, the novelist relied in part on her personal memories. When she is 17-18 years old, she goes to Egypt for the first time with her mother, she cruises in an environment that we imagine easy and luxurious. With her first and second husband, she will return for other stays. In 1923, she was in Luxor while the tomb of Tutankhamun had just been discovered, it would seem that she later met Howard Carter (in 1931 in Luxor).

Novelist Agatha Christie during a trip to Egypt

Flawless costumes, immaculate shirts, starched bow ties, moustache perfectly smoothed and a hairstyle that can only be said, he is steadfastly obsessed by his appearance … A bit precious, politeness “old France” grazing obsequiousness, his eyes sparkle with intelligence. He believes in him even in his doubts … One can not deny that his grey cells function perfectly, that he is a fine psychologist and, it must be said, without much confidence in the human nature of some … If the attention that it brings to small details is sometimes infuriating, the resolution of the enigma proves that they were in no way insignificant, that they participated indeed to weave the plot which he tried to “unravel”. He excelled often but was never better than in the final theatrical as dramatic happening, where, surrounded by all the witnesses and protagonists, he pronounced the final sentence, the outcome of the affair, finally announcing the name of – or – guilty (s)

… If “Death on the Nile” begins in a magnificent mansion nestled in the heart of the English countryside, it is in Egypt and mainly during a cruise on the “Karnak”, a luxurious steamship, that will take place history.

In the Agatha Christie novel “Mort Sur le Nil” – “Death on the Nile”, the boat named “Karnak”
Two boats have “endorsed” this role:
In 1978 in the 1 st film adaptation of John Guillermin,
this name is given to the “Memnon”, built in 1904 by Thomas Cook
In 2006, in the second film adaptation of Andy Wilson
this name is given to the steam ship “Sudan” built by Thomas Cook in 1915-1921
it is now owned by Voyageurs du Monde and sailing on the Nile

Jacqueline de Bellefort, charming but ruined, commits the irreparable mistake of presenting her “beautiful lover” to her billionaire childhood friend … who will not fail to seduce him …The spurned fiancee continues on the banks of the Nile, the couple now formed by the wealthy Linnet Ridgeway – his ex-best friend – and Simon Doyle – his ex-boyfriend – “rotting” their honeymoon …The boat quickly becomes “the” place where everything will be played, a microcosm bringing together noble ruined, a novelist on the bottle, rich kleptomaniac, the doctor failed or corrupt lawyer, arrived unscrupulous, unconditional and idealistic love, … Each having a ” good reason to blame Linnet …

“Death on the Nile” – “Mort Sur le Nil”
1978 first film adaptation by the British John Guillermin
The Colonel Race (David Niven) left, and Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) right

All this “beautiful” world evolves under the watchful eyes of Poirot and his elegant English friend Colonel Race. Over the Nile, they will be led to see several crimes, the series being “inaugurated” by that of the rich heiress …It is at the end of the cruise, in Ouadi Halfa, that the “little grey cells” of the famous Belgian detective will end this story, more turbid than the waters of the Nile.Agatha Christie will adapt it to the theatre in 1944.

“Death on the Nile” – “Mort Sur le Nil”
1978: 1st   movie adaptation   by British John Guillermin Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot

Then it will be worn for the first time on the screen, in 1978, by the British John Guillermin, with a cast of dreams: Peter Ustinov, Jane Birkin, Mia Farrow, Bette Davis, Angela Lansbury, David Niven, Maggie Smith, and second roles totally up to the task …

“Death on the Nile” – “Mort Sur le Nil”
1978 first film adaptation by the British John Guillermin Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot

Peter Ustinov is excellent in Hercule Poirot, with his flawless white suits, his collared shirts, his debonair look sometimes denied by a piercing look …The extreme staging and the performance of the actors bring suspense to its climax …How to forget this sequence shot in Karnak? As Linnet’s and Simon’s couple walk through the hypostyle hall, a block falls from one of the columns throwing them to the floor. The actors seem to emerge, magically, from behind each column to discover the drama … all seeming stupefied … that while the leader is necessarily among them!

Death on the Nile” – “Mort Sur le Nil”
1978 1 st film adaptation by the British John Guillermin Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot

Most of the film is on the “Karnak” – it is actually the “Memnon”, built by Thomas Cook in 1904 – whose comfortable atmosphere will quickly become oppressive.
The second adaptation of “Death on the Nile” takes place in 2006: Andy Wilson directs David Suchet in the role of Hercule Poirot, the excellent James Fox wearing the uniform of Colonel Race.

“Death on the Nile” – “Mort Sur le Nil”
2006: second film adaptation by Andy Wilson with David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

Emma Griffiths is Jacqueline de Bellefort, J.J. Feild Simon Doyle, while Emily Blunt is Linnet Doyle.

The film is then shot on the luxurious steamship Sudan – “survivor” of the Thomas Cook fleet – which belongs today to Voyageurs du Monde.

For the third adaptation, that of the Twentieth Century Fox, according to articles published, Kenneth Branagh will camp “the inevitable Hercule Poirot and will be accompanied by Gal Gadot, Letitia Wright, Armie Hammer, Annette Bening, Ali Fazal, Sophie Okonedo, Emma Mackey Dawn French, Leslie Rose, Jennifer Saunders and Russell Brand “.

The film will be shot at the Longcross Studios in Surrey West London, and on the spot in Egypt … Of course, we are eager to learn more …The release of the film is scheduled in France, from October 7, 2020. Marie Grillot

God, the Devil and Job


“The thread by which our fate hangs is wearing thin. Not nature, but the “genius of mankind,” has knotted the hangman’s noose with which it can execute itself at any moment. This is simply another façon de parler for what John called the “wrath of God.” 735”
― C.G. Jung, Answer to Job: (From Vol. 11 of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung) (New in Paper)
<>) 🙏🙏💖

Make peace with the universe. Take joy in it. It will turn to gold. Resurrection will be now. Every moment, a new beauty.

Myth Crafts

Where did we come from?

This is probably a fair, perfunctory question before the next one:

Where are we going?

A projectile’s trajectory is, in a fair amount, determined by its origins at the very start.

We are, to some measure, a function of where we began….

Luckily, just to some measure…


First of all, let’s set the record straight.

That poor serpent in the Garden isn’t Lucifer.

At least, he doesn’t have to be.

There’s absolutely  nothing in the Bible to justify that.

No, he’s a poor snake, trying to raise his kids:

Just listen to God:

So the LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, “Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and…

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The Delta Pearl 16 — Suffrage


suffragettes are right fair for everyone ✊All Aboard 🙂 keep reading; Matchmaker matchmaker, make me a match… ❤

Teagan's Books

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Pixabay photoPixabay

Welcome back to the steampunk riverboat, my chuckaboos! 

For those of you who are celebrating an extended weekend for Thanksgiving, stay safe and warm!  With the holiday (here at least) in mind, I expect a lot of readers will miss this chapter.  So, it’s just as well that there is not a lot of action. However, it does develop our characters.

This week’s reader things are Coffee Grinder from Denise Finn, and Handcuffs from Dyanna Wyndesong.

 You can review Chapter 15 of The Delta Pearl, here.

This time we learn more about the passengers and crew.  Sufferagettes are aboard the riverboat.  Read on to learn more.

Thanks to Dan Antion and Faith Antion for the use of their photos.

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 16 — Suffrage


Golden ringlets bounced on Hyacinth Harvey’s shoulder as she approached me…

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American Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate 🙂 ❤ 🙏🙏

Nifty Buckles

Happy Thanksgiving! to ALL our American friends. 🙂

In modern times, Thanksgiving is a special time to share the day with family and friends, then enjoying a bountiful meal with turkey as the main attraction.

Whole Food Plant Based folks may dress up a bright orange pumpkin or Butternut squash as their main attraction with lots of healthy fruit and veggies.

The Puritansand Mayflower Pilgrims (Calvinists) which wanted to start afresh in a new land America. They had much to be grateful for thanks to Tisquantum, of the Patuxet tribe of the Wampanoag Confederation who aided them with food such as corn, cranberries, Venison and Turkey. The Christian settlers arrived just before the winter snow and had very little food left. They came across the store-houses of food by the Wampanoag tribe and used the food since no one was around due to illness that had struck many…

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Guest #BlogPost! Blondie, World-Famous #kidlit #author of #fantasy, shares her latest #book. I am one #proudmom. #creativekids #imagination #writing #NaNoWriMo


Wonderful, the Art has chance in future generations 🤗❤🙏❤

Jean Lee's World

Hello! I am Blondie, as you might know already. Right now I’m writing a book called An Expert’s Book On Dragons. It has all the information you need when you go out dragon watching! It includes facts and drawings of dragons you need to look for! Included on this blog post is pictures of the cover, introduction, and first dragon in the book!

This is the words of the introduction and first dragon:


So, people who are reading this book, I, the author, will pose as Firewing, a fire type dragon that ”wrote” this book. Inside this , there will be facts about the dragons,their habitats, and their tracks!


Firewing (and yes, I am a dragon that can write)


A shark dragon can spread up to a mile in length, and up to half a mile in width; one of the largest dragons. It can…

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Soul-Fire – A Shadorma


Love’s melting to honeyed touch ❤❤🌹


They dance in moon-glow
Melting to
Honeyed touch
Breaths scatter on starlit winds
Igniting a flame.

Darkness dreams
Hanging on to stars
Soul of night
Burning bright
Flipping blackness to starlight
Heartbeats trace love lines.

# Shadorma
Syllable count-3/5/3/3/7/5

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Must read (None Stop) twat 🤣🤣👍👍❤🙏🙏



An extract from the autobiography of the much fabled
Twattersley Fromage MBE, TP, UFC, WNKR of the First Order
& Jolly Decent Chap

My quest a simple yet illustrious one that would herald the dawn of a new heroic age of exploration.  At the behest of none other than Her Majesty herself I had willingly consented to her request that one of her own from this great nation of ours be the first to reach the North Pole walking backwards no less!  And it was there in the Arctic Circle at my base camp on that frozen sea of ice and just 60 miles from the pole that I received the problematic telegram that would tear at my loyalties to the two most important women in my life namely our treasured Queen and my beloved Agnes. It read;

Dearest Twattersley (STOP) Daddy is in a spot of bother (STOP) The…

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The Forgotten Issue


In my opinion the nature of human went wrong; I don’t know why but I’m sure it isn’t the goal of our creation!

I once read about Cathars, A early religious Christian group; The Cathars (also known as Cathari from the Greek Katharoi for “pure ones”) were a dualist medieval religious sect of Southern France which flourished in the 12th century CE and challenged the authority of the Catholic Church. via

I must thank to Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval  to let me read their common book: The Master Game http://The Master Game –

It began a long time ago when my brother told me about a religious group of peoples in the early Christian time, who could live in cold and heath without need of facilities to make them warm or cool. And they could even lift up their bodies in the air by meditations.

Therefore, I am sure we have lost or forgotten something, something very important, very necessary, the basic!

Let’s read here what Jeffery Raff, Jeff Raff a Jungian Analyst says about the master of nature; via C.G. Jung: Healing Descent (FB) By Craig Nelson with thanks 🙏💖

Lumen Naturae and the ‘Word’ :
“..human beings united within themselves the eternal Word of God as It existed in eternity, and the Word of God as It existed in nature. Clearly, human beings as Self are.. the focal point.. which unites not only higher and lower, but the two aspects of divinity, the Word in time and the Word in eternity. The human Self is the center that unites God and all creation within itself. It is the center, therefore, in which the second and third coniunctios are attained.”
Jeffrey Raff, Alchemical Imagination

An addition:

“Though this center must be created by inner Alchemy..” (the stone does not appear in Nature) :
Humans “..are the crown of all creation and the potential redeemer of ourselves and of God. We are the center of the universe. Imagine, if you can, what it means to be the center of the universe! To recognize within yourself the magical power to unify human and divine worlds, to incarnate the uppermost and the nethermost, and to join together the two aspects of the Divine Word. There is no greater power, no higher majesty than the human Self. Nor is this just true of one type of human, one race, or one religion. Every human being is the center of creation, at least potentially. Though this center must be created through the processes of inner alchemy, every man, woman, and child is the core of all of life. Imagine living in a world that treated every human being as the center of life, and that afforded to the human Self the respect which it is due. It is no wonder that the greatest struggle of the modern world is to liberate the individual from the masses, and to restore to the individual the dignity and honor each person deserves. If our society would recognize the potential lying within the darkness of every human soul and would expend its resources toward the development of that potential, our world would be far different indeed. This is, of course, not likely to occur, but those who study psychology and attempt to guide human development would do well to consider the miraculous nature of the psyche with which they are working.”
Jeffrey Raff, Alchemical Imagination

Germany, year Zero!


Deutschland im Jahre Null!

 Germania anno zero!

Actually, it is the name of a 1948 film directed by Roberto Rossellini and is the final film in Rossellini’s unofficial war film trilogy.,_Year_Zero

I love this period of Neorealism movie which was running around the world but the masters were in Italia like Roberto Rossellini Vittorio De Sica Luchino Visconti Federico Fellini  Michelangelo Antonioni  Cesare Zavattini etc. I love them all, therefore, I wished I could once be a director or at least an actor, nut it is another story 😉

I have seen this movie many years ago and saw how a result of war could be. Zero! As much as it’d be worth.

Here is an amazing, as far as this adjective might fit the subject, remaster of a documentary of those days; the zero days of a madness act. via