Actually, They come all from the original ancient history!

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Hi Friends. it’s a holiday today in some of the states in Germany (the catholic ones) not because of the Halloween but because of an old catholic ceremony to honoured the beloved ones who past away. The All Saint’s Day (here we call it Allerheiligen) it is a day to go to the cemeteries and remember of the loss.

I am at home to take the benefit of this but not going to the cemetery, not only because of my nonreligious opinion but surely for me it isn’t necessary to go to the cemetery to remember my beloved one, I have them in my heart and when I go there it’s just to look after if everything is okay!

So now the reason of my writing is that I read an article in The Conversation a very interesting Website about the very ceremony of today by catholic, is not their invention but originally the Aztecs had it in those days.

Mexico’s Day of the Dead begins with an overnight graveside vigil on Oct. 31. AP Photo/Marco Ugarte

In the older history; about Mary & Jesus and Isis & Horus

It’s really obvious as we look into the ancient history of mankind, we can find many similarities in between; for example, the famous Pieta(s) which isn’t found by the Christ on Mary’s lap:

with Egyptian Goddess Isis with her son Horus;

There are similar;

Eye of Horus Metaphysical

As we can find much more of these similarities in the past;

I have found it always exciting to look after our history and from where have been all come from? There must be something important in our ancient time which had influenced all through history until now.

Happy Halloween if celebrate it 🙂 💖💖

4 thoughts on “Actually, They come all from the original ancient history!

  1. Oh, that was great Aladin! A true marriage of word, myth and image. I love all the magick and mystery from this time of the year as the veil thins and our dearly departed ancestors come visiting. I hope you’re enjoying your extra day’s holiday and that you have a wonderful weekend too.

    I’ve left a link on my website to some wonderful articles I read yesterday from The Paris Review all about November which I think you will enjoy. I’ll leave it here for others too enjoy too. Warm autumnal wishes, Deborah.


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