Praha (Prague) 3

One idiot is an idiot.
two idiots are two idiots
ten thousand idiots are a political party!

Hi dear people, at first I’m lucky that I can write my third part of my journey to Prague because my computer or better to say the interaction to the web was horribly slow! But anyhow with some tricks, I’ve got through (don’t yammer again! πŸ˜‰

I began with Franz Kafka because it’s about our visit in Kafka’s museum and I have chosen one of his quote in German language (the translation has been subtitled πŸ™‚ because, he wrote his scriptures all in German and it seems that some of them had been translated in Czech by Dora Dymant but they haven’t succeeded in the Czech Republic those days.

Of course, you’re laughing! But believe me, it was the entry behind these two funny statues standing there and … πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I know Franz Kafka since I was about twenty-five, at first I have read “Process”, of course, translated in Persian and in such a situation the translator is almost as important as the writer him/herself. therefore, the first impression or effect was not so strong as I read the next one “The Metamorphosis” or The Transformation.

This book was translated by a Persian writer, the Persian writer, whom I much appreciated much; his name is Sadegh Hedayat

I would say I love him, he was and is the best Persian writer as I believe in, and he was so similar to Kafka as he writing such a protesting novel against the dictatorship of the Persian’s Shah regimes (the Father and the son) and in early 1951 in Paris commit suicide.

Sadegh Hedayat 1903-1951

Anyway, this book was the great thunder which hit my brain awakening to work! He has written his books mostly also in French.

This book was the one which shown me who Franz Kafka is and how he wrote about very simple people like me and you, who are confronting every day with the environment in our society and try to fix it.

His sibling

The Threshold The Messiah will arrive when we no longer need him; it reminded me of a novel by Dostoevsky; The Brothers Karamazov.

At the end I share an artwork of the head of Franz Kafka in Prague πŸ™‚ have a beautiful Weekend ❀

12 thoughts on “Praha (Prague) 3

  1. Ah Kafka. When we were in Prague we went past the Kafka museum and decided to go in. I was wearing the black t shirt I had decided would be the costume for a play I had directed where we would all be something from the title. And yes, I got the idea from Kafka. Anyway, the staff, all sitting in their black t shirts that said STAFF all thought I was this enormous fan and let me in for free.

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  2. Another enjoyable read and follow up from your trip to Prague. Great photos too! Thank you for sharing Aladin. I haven’t read Kafka for years and it’s also been a few years since I enjoyed The Brothers Karamazov … although your post today does nudge me in their direction and back to my book shelves to find them once more! Warm autumnal wishes, Deborah.

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  3. Nice memories – we lived in Prague for a year and that city is part of our hearts. As long as you are exploring Kafka, you need to look into his Czech-writing (Kafka wrote in German) contemporary, Karel Hasek.

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