The Fourteen Names of the Goddess


Through the Peacock's Eyes

moon_goddess Art by Josephine Wall

On the morning of December 29th, 2013 I made this very short entry in my dream journal: I needed to know the fourteen names of the Goddess. It wasn’t a voice that told me this like in this dream; it was just a feeling that I needed to know this, and it remained with me when I woke up. I can’t remember now if it was later that day or in the following days that, as I was going through some of my post-it notes for post ideas, I came across a list I had previously made of goddesses (and gods) of the Moon or the cycles of Nature. To my surprise there were 14! This was my pre-dream list:

  1. Hecate – Greek goddess of the Moon, sorcery, and crossroads.
  2. Cailleach – Celtic goddess of winter, known as a hag or veiled one, sometimes the crone aspect of…

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“Egyptian Language: phonetic system and pronunciation” – part II


AMNTE NOFRE (Amentet Neferet)

We are very glad to present you the second part of the study
“Egyptian Language: phonetic system and pronunciation”
dedicated to the study and reconstruction of the phonetic system and the pronunciation of the Ancient Egyptian language.

(click on the image to open the link)

1- Syllables and stress
2- The Formative Vowels and the Auxiliary Vowels, the basic rules of the vowel system of the Egyptian Language
3- The theories about the syllables
4- The three states of the words

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Animal Spirits: The Hummingbird


Through the Peacock's Eyes

images-1Though wrote about the hummingbird about a year and a half ago, tucked into the post on The Raven/Crow, I’ve recently had some amazing encounters and feel the hummingbird deserves a post of her own. Whenever a hummingbird visits me, hovering for a minute or two in front of me, I’ve always sensed that it is one of my guardian angels, usually my grandmother, telling me that she is there and all is well. Yesterday, while hiking around Golden Gate Park with my pups, I had a very beautiful encounter.

We were near the end of a two hour hike in the park and about to walk over the beach to take in the ocean when a hummingbird stopped in front of us and danced around for a few minutes. She came closer and closer, showing us her different colors that reflect when the light hits her feathers…

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clouds store my sun away



diebenkorn figure on porch

when clouds store my sun away
behind high restlessness…and chill
sweeps vexation through my green intent
of tender blading hills and fields,
I turn to settling of accounts remaining
here upon the desking of my days

for I owe myself more now than anytime…
I brush away the bees…plate honeycomb
upon the wedding Sevres…break sweet gold
to my mouth with a family sterling spoon
new polished…bloom Chinese silver needle
tea-leaves bundled ‘round a pink carnation
special occasion…guarded by a golden dragon
coiled imperial on the red of its rusting tin

I shall bask upon my porch and breathe brewed
fragrance with astringent ozone of approaching storm
for I am wrapped in complex luxury of a precious time

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Richard Diebenkorn

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