The Most Haunting Words in All Literature


The Chrysalis

I know I’ve had occasion to post this extract from Seth’s The Unknown Reality before. But these words bear repeating. For me, there are no more haunting words in any language than these. What suffuses them with such haunting potency is that they are words touched by the mystery of death, and not just personal death, but the possibility of species and even planetary death. They are words spoken with absolute assurance and finality.

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Animal Spirits: The Mockingbird


Through the Peacock's Eyes

Mockingbird Animal SpiritLately I’ve been feeling and getting messages from Spirit that experiences in my life are coming full circle – coming to completion so a new cycle can begin. This is partly what prompted me to return to the cocoon and begin a new journey through my Butterfly Journal. Some of these messages have come from animal spirits, the loudest of which from the mockingbird.

About three years ago, following the messages from my dreams, my intuition, and animal spirits and guides, I completely changed my life. When I had first moved to where I am now, I would be woken in the middle of the night by what at first I thought was a car alarm, but then came to realize that it was a mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos – mimic of many languages – to be exact. This is the highly intelligent Northern Mockingbird, who can apparently mimic nearly…

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Prompting of the Now



dali head-bombarded-with-grains-of-wheat-village-of-cadaques

I think in portioned harvest
gleaned from sustaining waves
of teemed fish-ed sea and stiff
stem seed-ed fields of now’s
swift  impression…all…all image
destined straightaway for decline
in my tissued memory.

I touch instants with my fingers,
hold the seconds of encounter
with dimensional perception
of rough smooth…warm chill,
and I calibrate distinction without
looking for some vast dimension…
for I seek a sensate knowing now
acquaintance with my world.

I command the moment…adjust
choirs of sound…salt sweet sour the
taste within my mouth…and withdraw
to dream sleep quietus until morning’s
promptings of the now.

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Salvador Dali

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