collective unconscious


Carl Jung wrote of the psyche as that aspect of each of us which incorporates the conscious, the unconscious and also the collective unconscious – that realm beyond our individual self, the realm of the archetypal.

That is one of his many topics which we can learn from; though, some people, as I noticed now and then, make mistake with the word: Collective, and think that Dr Jung meant the whole human has a one with a common Consciousness/Unconsciousness; but it is wrong!

He actually speaks about the Individual and somehow: I, Me, Mine, with the whole history behind me. There again his topic with the
“Synchronicity” shows us the connections between two Individuals and the chemy inbetween.

Here is a wonderful explanation which hit my heart and soul when I read this: With a great Thank to my friend and master Craig Nelson 🙏 ❤

C.G. Jung & Wholeness by Craig Nelson

The collective unconscious is “the world of water’..
“It is the world of water, where all life floats in suspension; where the realm of the sympathetic system, the soul of everything living, begins; where I am indivisibly this and that; where I experience the Other in myself and the Other-than-myself experiences me. […] The unconscious no sooner touches us than we are it –we become unconscious of ourselves. That is the age-old danger, instinctively known and feared by primitive man, who himself stands so very close to this pleroma.”
CGJ, CW9,parar 45-47

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