Nature and Art are Actually the Same!


We are already back from our holiday, and I thought that the muse might not be ripe for making a new post. But the intuition to write a new, doesn’t let me wait for the next week. Therefore, I share this quotation from Dr Jung, which I posted yesterday on FB and I love it so much. Have a wonderful weekend everyone πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ¦‹πŸŒΉ

But if dreams produce such essential compensations, why are they not understandable? I’ve been asked this question many times. One must answer that the dream is a natural event and that nature shows no inclination to make its fruits available free of charge and in accordance with human expectations. It is often objected that compensation is ineffective if the dream is not understood. But that is not so certain, since many things work without being understood. However, we can undoubtedly increase the effect considerably through understanding, which is often necessary because the unconscious can be overheard. “Quod natura relinquit imperfectum, ars perficit!” (What nature left unfinished, art finishes!) is an alchemical saying.
Carl jung
Vom Wesen Der TrΓ€ume
Traum und Traumdeutung.
Art; Mother Nature, Pinterest (Josephine Wall)

14 thoughts on “Nature and Art are Actually the Same!

  1. elainemansfield

    I had a memorable dream about Marion Woodman this week followed by a synchronicity the next morning making me know I needed to dig deep for meaning. I wrote about it for my blog that goes out mid week. I’m a happy woman when Marion Woodman shows up in a dream.

    I won’t go anywhere far from home this summer but will stay close to tend the Monarch nursery and do a daily rain prayer. They say 90% chance of rain tomorrow. May it be so!

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  2. elainemansfield

    I love the Jung quote, by the way. I miss my dream buddy Vic who was tenacious and would keep considering a dream that moved him for days or even months and then, ah-ha! An intuition of meaning would break through. I’m less intuitive, so work with the feelings of the dream, but it’s the same issue in trying to understand the unfathomable. I loved working with Robert Bosnak who helps the dreamer enter the dreamscape without concern about interpretation. That way the dream works directly on the psyche.

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    • Excellent! Thank you for the wise words. I love this quote, too, as I believe that nature and art are inseparable.
      PS: sorry for my delay; I have had and am still involved in many issues. Blessings


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