” Without Lou, there would be no Zarathustra”


Is it right? It is right! At least I think so.
There are many and many women in the world that have shaped the lives of men, and it is a pity for us men who had not the chance to get such an opportunity to make a worthy life!
I am serious; We men can learn a lot by our Amina’s power what we might never know. Please don’t forget that we all are made by one substance. We are so arrogant, have such an inflated arrogance which makes us blind. Open Eyes;

As I believe, the history of the creation of us the high creature has been gone wrong. We might begin from the all first or let all by side and just say to the creator (God?) you have shited about!

Anyway, let’s have a look at this wonderful and genius girl; SHe is self-assured, self-acknowledged, aggressive and progressive; what the hell we have missed!! (The language is in German but with the subtitle. a great well made movie:)

That’s it; Let know about another feminine power; it helps us to understand the world around us better, believe me, MAN


Lou Andreas-Salomé, the other Kirk

By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife With Thanks 🙏💖

See the fateful woman, the charming, the mistress, the unethical, but also the smart woman, the scientist, the first psychoanalyst, the free-spirited woman, See the wife, see the author… See Lou Andreas- Salomé!

Lou Salomé, Friedrich Nietzsche, Paul Rée
Lou Salomé, Friedrich Nietzsche, Paul Rée

Look at that woman who, like another Kirk, seduced “big men”, seemingly inaccessible, “mountains of spirit”, that became their muse, their passion and their wound as they left them …

Lou Andreas-Salomé

Lou Andreas-Salomé3

This is why Friedrich Nietzsche wept It was about him, Lou Salomé, his great, unfulfilled love. She made three (temporary) marriage proposals, and she said no to all three. But for her, it was what the philosopher later said:

” Without Lou, there would be no Zarathustra”

Lou Andreas- Salomé!

..And, Nietzsche may have said that to Lu, but Nietzsche’s sister was saying to Lu that she was the devil.
For her, Lou Salomé became passionate about the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, even though she was 14 years her junior as if she had become her mistress, even though she was then married. Rilke was only 21 when he met Lou in 1897 and remained lovers for many years.

Until he met her, Rilke was listening to Rene. She was the one who gave him the name Rainer, which he has kept in his life ever since, and by that name, he became well known as a poet Rilke. Lou helped Rilke with his psychological problem with death, introduced him to the world of art and reason, and it was he who taught him Russian so that he could read works by Pushkin and Tolstoy, which he met on their trip to Russia. It was for him his mother, his mistress, his muse.

Lou Andreas Salome
Sigmund Freud and Lou Salome

Of her, Lou Salome, and only of her, Sigmund Freud the famous and famous psychiatrist-psychotherapist received negative criticism and/or suggestions for changes in the way his ideas and perceptions he had set out. Join. So he deleted Adler and Jung and others. For Lu, however, who was his special friend and schoolgirl, when in 1912 and already in his 51st year, Lu joined the psychiatric circle of Vienna, himself had said: ‘ Only one person can do whatever criticism he wants’. And that man was she, Lou. Freud was in love with her but in a specialized way

According to Paul Roazen, a political science professor, psychoanalyst, and author of numerous books on Sigmund Freud, who, like his work, had been thoroughly studied by Freud himself and already a father of six as if he had met Lou in his fifty-six years, and yes, Freud himself later admitted in his writings that he had admired Lou immensely and that he had been attached to her, but that there was no trace of sexuality in her. the relationship.

Viktor Tausk

At the same time, her then fifty-three-year-old relationship with Lu’s thirty-year-old Viktor Tausk, perhaps the most important of Freud’s students was involved with both of them with Freud. In Lu, however, many were blamed for Tausk’s suicide in 1919, though six years had elapsed since the end of any relationship between them and the break-up of the latter’s cooperation with Freud.

This, Lou Salomé, was a multi-dimensional woman, who lived freely in a society drowning in her homosexuals, lived as an equal woman in a male-dominated society, and as a scientist opened fields for the women who followed. She was a woman who lived out of time. and the dimensions of its time.

It was she who had set out to fall in love with her so that she could be loved so that she could remain independent. It wasn’t falling. She was the one to conquer the others who fell in love with her and were passionate with her. This was perhaps her strength, the source of her charm, and possibly her hidden trauma. She was an unusual woman, with a free, analytical and sharp spirit possessing a rare spiritual and at the same time, human intensity combined with feminine charm. She had the ability to stimulate the secret passions of her lovers… She also had the ability and develop them autonomously in her own projects.

Lou Andreas-Salomé was a charismatic woman. It had it all. Daughter of an aristocratic family, beautiful, elegant, seductive, with excellent studies, multilingual and multifaceted, smart, with research and free mind, unobtrusive. It was said to combine two elements of character: the male and the female.

He wrote over twelve books. She was, in fact, the first psychiatrist to dare to write a sex book. Another is love and another is sex. To say sex is a necessity like food, like water .. infidelity, given..

And yet, Lou Salome remained in History as the ultimate lover of great men, as that other Cirque who charmed Nietzsche, Rainer Rilke, Freud and so many others

And, indeed, Lou Salomé had many spiritual or platonic but also passionate sexual relationships in her life, some at the same time with others, relationships with older ones, relationships with people much younger than her … She didn’t talk about it whatever her relationships, the men were the ones who talked about her and about her relationship with her others…

Lou was born on 12/2/1861 in St. Petersburg, Russia to Louise von Salomé or Luíza Gustavovna Salomé, a solitary assassin general of the Russian Army of French descent and mother of Danish descent. He had four other brothers and grew up in an aristocratic environment. As a teenager, she was teaching Hendrik Gillot, pastor of the Protestant Church with whom he had a relationship, because of which he was about to dissolve his marriage. Her mother took her to Zurich, Switzerland, to study Theology and Art History as she wanted, but in the semester she fell ill, so she stopped studying. Then her mother took her to Italy to recover. She was in her twenties at the time.

There, in Italy, Lou met the German philosopher Paul Ree, who was dazzled by her and asked her to marry her, which she refused in response to her need for independence. Later, through Ree, Lou also met Nietzsche, who had been friends with Ree for many years. Nietzsche was also immediately captivated by Lou’s presence and personality. Subsequently, all three of them, Lou with Ree and Nietzsche, briefly lived in the same house. Whether the relationship between the three was an erotic triadic character – as it was rumoured afterwards or a full spiritual one – a kind of monastic communion for solitary free spirits as they called themselves – can not be ascertained.

The fact is that over time, Nietzsche moved away from Lou with a broken heart, while Paul Ree’s old friend had always been associated with her for years – indeed, for many years. Each relationship Paul Ree with Lou stopped with her marriage in 1886. In 1901, Paul Ree found dead after falling from Vracho. Oi conditions of fall, whether it was accident or suicide are topic until today.



Lou Salomé was married once in her life, in 1887, to Friedrich Carl Andreas, a linguist and university professor in Göttingen, Germany. And this man married him because he had tried to commit suicide before their marriage for her sake. Until the day of their wedding, it is said, he had a knife on him to commit suicide, so she did not leave. This is how their marriage took place and lasted with the explicit term she had set: Never ending their marriage, that is, with the condition that they would not have carnal relationships with each other and that she was free to relate to any other man she wished. And so it was throughout their marriage, despite the futile efforts of her husband, until it ended with her death in 1930.

Lou Solomé died despite her wanderings in Göttingen, Germany on 5/2/1937. It was 76 years old. Her books were confiscated by the Gestapo and then destroyed because she was a colleague of Jewish Sigmund Freud. She asked to be buried and buried next to her husband


Many and many have been written about Lou Andreas-Salomé in the years that followed to this day. Others call her a heroine, a free spirit, others call her a narcissist, others a Messalina, and others that she was for her lovers, what the female horse of Virgin Mary for his male lover.


The Paul Roazen (http://Paul Roazen) wrote about this: » H Lu belongs to the kind of women who can collect great men as was Madame de Staëlin the eighteenth century and Alma Mahler in the twentieth. In Lu’s case, beauty was not the main element of their attraction. As beautiful as she was in the past, she had to rely on her knowledge of psychology to draw attention to her possible conquests. Lou was useful in the line of her great men as she could identify with the vulnerable part of their personality who desperately needed support but all who fell in love with her were eventually forced to discover that Lou had remained independent and had given in none of them herself. All her great men needed her, but each of her lovers realized in the end that she had escaped them. “

A younger than her mistress, Swedish psychiatrist Poul Bjerre (15 years younger), who met him in the psychiatric circle of Vienna when she was well over fifty-five, said afterwards: ” ” Lu builds a passionate relationship with a man, and nine months later, the man brings a book to the world. “

And Lou herself said: “Only one who is completely left to himself is fit to be in constant love, for only he can, in living fullness, symbolize another’s life, only he can be felt like a force of her.”


And let me remind you here of something that Dimitris Liantinis had said in his remark on “Gamma”:

“Kirk is smart. That’s why it’s so beautiful that it looks like a witch and a witch kid. That is why it enchants the star and does not walk. If it wasn’t smart, it wouldn’t look pretty either. Beauty is the power of intellect. Beauty is not just curves and colours, rocking and neck and hair. Beauty is demonic dominance in the environment for undefined reasons. It’s the ’embarrassing beauty’ that Plato says. “


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A poem of Lou Salome that was published in 1910 in the book «Die Erotik» and set to music by fascinated Nietzsche:

Hymn To Life,

Surely, a friend loves a friend
That way I love you, enigmatic life –
Whether I rejoiced or wept with you,
Whether you gave me joy or pain.

I love you with all your harms;
And if you must destroy me,
I wrest myself from your arms,
As a friend tears himself away from a friend’s breast.

I embrace you with all my strength!
Let all your flames ignite me,
Let me in the ardor of the struggle
Probe your puzzle ever deeper.

To live and think millennia!
Enclose me now in both your arms:
If you have no more joy to give me –
Well then — there still remains your pain.


source:  https://beatrikn.wordpress.com/

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