Catch a Cold in the Time of Corona? Never!


Hello dear friends, I hope you are all well and blithely in these horrible and chaotic days.
Since this terrifying virus has been present in our world I had never written or even tried to tell about it, though I have seen many people did write many articles under its name. I didn’t want to do it because I just find it a bizarre and indescribable issue which nobody knows what it is; therefore, just kept silence.
But now I must talk thereabout, not because of its presence with us but its name strongly appeared at least for one and a half-day at our home!

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The story begins last Sunday in which my wife caught a cold. First, she thought it is a light cold but when got worst at night, she has informed the school where she teaches, that she could not come to work. Although it took longer; into the Wednesday, and there the school recommended a Corona-test, as usual, they said!
I can understand as the rule demands these days; my wife was a little nervous but I was sure that it was just about a common cold as she often catches when the season changes.

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But the term had become alive for us. My fear was not that of the virus itself but of the sloppy works that happen here and there, in such a thrilling situation. My wife told me last week that one of her colleagues got the same problem; caught a cold; had to take the test; they said it’s positive and after she unbelievingly let it for a further checkup, it came out that the result had been swapped! It was my whole excitement.

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Anyway, on Friday the result was there and thanks goodness it was negative, but we felt the invisible enemy that lurked around us.
It is not only the virus which causes the problem, it is our fear that is much more dangerous than the virus itself. We must not forget that once catching cold was something everyday trouble for us, once a sneeze or cough was not a catastrophic event. Our excitements and fear take us away from reason, therefore, we can’t think clearly and then we make mistakes.

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I wish you all a leisurely weekend and a peaceful healthy time. don’t forget; laugh is healthy. 🤣😎🙏💖💖🙏

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16 thoughts on “Catch a Cold in the Time of Corona? Never!

  1. Fear is a terrible thing. As a nurse I can attest firsthand that the Corona Virus is a real and life threatening. Teaching is tough during the pandemic. We must take all precautions possible. Wearing a mask indoors and social distancing. I’m so glad your wife is ok. Testing is imperative if we feel sick to avoid spreading the virus. 🌹❤️

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  2. Yay! That was good news on the negative covid-19 test result for your wife. Thanks Aladin for sharing your humorous post today … it was just the medicine I needed! Okay, back to editing. Have a wonderful weekend. Love, light and much laughter always, Deborah.

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    • HEY… No, you can’t just appear and disappear! 😉😂 You are editing your work, just wonderful but what about my dreams?! Sorry, I don’t want to confuse you, just go on your (surely) beautiful poems. if you had time just cast a look at my last works 😎🥰😘

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  3. I’m glad it was just a cold and everyone is okay. Here they are recording people as positive when they’re not. It’s sad that you can’t trust the numbers any more. Or the media who is just trying to put more fear into us. Stay safe & healthy my friend! 🙏🤗

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  4. Fear is the mind killer, Paul in Dune.
    Get to know your enemy, Sun Zu.

    covid-19, corona virus

    Info about covid-19 from a different perspective

    Lab testing, how to know a patient is infected :

    German New Medicine ( GNM ), a holistic approach to sickness of the lungs.
    And the occurrence of pneumonia in the lungs :

    A related article (so-called medical science has no idea) :

    It is all about what fear does to our healthiness :

    Kind regards,

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