Christmas without you


The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Tuesday 25th December


The fourth Christmas without you

Your chair stands empty still

Tomato soup at the ready

So you can have your fill


My sweetheart Christmas angel

Above the clouds you fly

Are you looking down on us

As you soar so very high?


I hope you have Christmas up there

With all of those who’ve gone before

Exchanging gifts with the angels

Wrapped with love and so much more


You’re always in our thoughts

Each day throughout the year

But especially at Christmas time

We really wish you were here


You loved all the presents

All the fun and festivities

Christmas cake and mince pies

The twinkling lights on trees


We’re blowing kisses to heaven

Sending so much love, too

Remembering and reminiscing

Christmas Day without you


Beloved Angel son






My Angel

A quiet and peaceful…

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