The more entangled within her cloistered world of make-believe the more beguiled, and in no small part intellectually curious, I become.  Eve is certainly one of a kind. On the one hand her dream world, so very real to her, is outwardly impregnable. On the other, it is as if she is pointedly moving heaven and earth to invite me in. Such a thing I have never recognized in a patient’s behaviour previous. Furthermore, whilst it is the case I am focused upon freeing her from all delusions, a corrupted train of thought encircles me namely, that I am becoming overly fond of her. That that is unprofessional, I am well aware.

Albeit that I was uncomfortable with the method I chose to adopt, I concluded that during our daily sessions it might aid her recovery if I commenced covert recordings of the scenes and escapades of the perpetual dreams…

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