Compensation between the conscious and the unconscious


As I caught a bit cold, 🥶I started my second story but somehow got stuck.😬 Therefore, I took a hand from Dr Jung to make a short post about dreams and attempts to find inner compromises. 💖🌹🙏

Die praktische verwendbarkeit der traumanalyse; (The practical use of dream analysis) From: Traum und Traumdeutung.

The fundamental error with regard to the nature of the unconscious is probably that one generally assumes that its contents are unambiguous and provided with unchangeable signs. In my opinion, this view is too naive. As a self-regulating system, the soul is balanced like the life of the body. For all excessive processes, there are immediate and inevitable compensations; without them, there would be neither a normal metabolism nor a normal psyche. In this sense, one can explain the theory of compensation as a basic rule for psychological behaviour in general. Too little here creates too much there. So the relationship between conscious and unconscious is a compensatory one. This is one of the best-established rules of crafting in dream interpretation. We can always usefully raise the question in the practical interpretation of dreams: Which conscious attitude is compensated by the dream?

Concerning Chopin in my previous post, I wish everybody a “healthy” weekend. 😉🌹💖

23 thoughts on “Compensation between the conscious and the unconscious

  1. Dr. Jung would be overjoyed about the dreams I’ve been having lately about my ex girlfriend who I very much loved and deeply miss. But since he is no longer alive, I will share with you, Aladin – Jung’s noble reincarnation!👏🏻

    Just last night I documented a new dream I had about her. And I think it is an example of compensation. First some context – Last evening I met with a friend and then my parents and sisters afterward, and I was telling them that I am feeling much better – that I am no longer paralyzed by grief, sadness. (The worst of my grief ended after I dreamed she was dead, about 2 weeks ago. Since then I have been feeling happier and stronger). So I was telling my friends and family I am strong again, and over my grief… And then I go to bed last night… And I have a dream in which she kills me!! Her ghost, her memory inside my mind! She did not like that I was telling my loved ones I was through with her and so she murdered me in my sleep. Can you believe that?

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    • It was a very vivid dream – we were driving a car. I let her drive and I was teaching her how to drum 🥁 on beat with the radio. (Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit). She became frustrated and sped the car faster, turned the wheel aiming to kills us, so I grabbed the wheel. Wrestling for control I was able to steer us safely off the road into a ditch. She was disappointed we survived. And then next thing I know – she sneaks up behind me.. I am on the ground, weakened. She has poisoned me, and is now going to suffocate me with a plastic bag over my head. First she whacks me with some object and I immediately wake up from the dream.

      … I know this is dark, but I am feeling very well today actually😅 I thought you might enjoy hearing about my dream.

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      • Enjoy? I am overwhelmed! Only a question; do you play the drums? However, she had nothing to do with the steering wheel. You are the controller! She is with you, without a doubt, in you entirely. It would be interesting for me to see how she broke the relationship because of her illness? In any case, you are working on this bounding, as I believe that it is a significant relationship. She left a profound point in your life that you have been working out. I will read your comments tomorrow often because it is just fascinating. Thank you, mate.


      • You are most correct – “She” is ME. I am in control. The memory I have of her is not a real ghost, like our ancestors, perhaps. My girlfriend is still alive, living in a different city) So that’s it is an important difference you help me to make.

        Here is an important detail from the same dream which I forgot to mention, and which illustrates your point that “She” is ME – in this dream – I never actually saw her face. Rather, she was there in “essence” It was unmistakably the essence of my Ex girlfriend though.
        But coming from “within” my own mind.

        As for my ex – I grieve because we grew so very close to each other – closer than I’ve been with anybody, as an adult at least. I have made it through the hardest part already though… Yes she has mental health illness. She was melancholy as a child and attended therapy at a young age. We bonded over being prescribed the same ADD medication (Vyvanse) as adults. We all seem to have anxiety these days, but she is a particularly unhappy person by nature – it made me love her even more. I wanted to kiss her pain away and bring her happiness but a lot of my efforts were futile😏 Still I have no regrets. I feel we were destined to meet and she is integral to my personal development.

        But the purpose of this dream, why “she” killed me in the dream – is I think to remind me that I Do not Want to forget this person. I constructed an entire mythology around her, worshipped her. I foresaw her coming into my life years before we actually met, and I fell in love with nobody else. And don’t believe I will love again anytime soon. I’m not even interested in anybody else romantically. Of course I never told her i worshipped her because I didn’t want to scare her😅 But I still believe she is destiny, and very special. And she is going to stay with me for the rest of my life in some form, bittersweet memory.

        I play guitar 🎸🙂 – was just learning Beatles’ “Get Back” yesterday

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      • Ah, okay. You play the guitars, not drums, but you are a musician,😉 and that is the point. As I read your comment above, I noticed that you interpreted your dream yourself, and it is fantastic! I think (and as Dr Jung believes it too) the dreamer is the first to know what is the matter. You have done it already. However, I have enjoyed talking with you, and indeed I will think further of your dreams. 🙏👍

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    • Wow, wow, and WOW! Mate, I am really grateful for this participation in your dream. First, I am very sorry for your loss. I have lost my brother, Al, as you might know through my posts. Hence, I am practising grief just to understand it. Many say, try to leave it, as you have wanted to do it, and you were killed! Anyway, mate. I have mentioned Al because he was all that I had, as an aim, to live. The interesting point is that she had left you when she lived. Was the purpose because she was ill? However, I am sure that you found it to make an end to thinking about her, and it was you who was ready to punish you for this infidelity! I am maybe a crazy one, unconditional and mad, but I am sure that the ghosts are all there, and the ones we call are essential—finally, my dear friend, your girlfriend is there to support you. As I believe in mine: I have lost all my family (father, mother, and the only beloved brother), and I feel them support me in this life or on this tiny Earth. I only think of a proverb: We may are dreaming right now, and when we are dead, we are awakened! Thank you so much for your intimate sharing dream. 🙏🙏🤗🙏


      • You understand this situation very well. Your posts about your brother are very inspiring. I believe in ghosts too. Ever since my Uncle died a few years ago… prior to that I thought Science could explain everything…I feel his presence in nature and in my life. He is part of The Force now. Like Obi Wan in Star Wars. supernatural, not easy to explain scientifically. But a feeling that real magic may exist! And the proverb rings true. I am sorry for your losses too. It makes me happy that your family is supporting you from the beyond🙂

        I will share some more details in a separate comment when I get another break✌️

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      • Gratitude, dear friend. Science must means; I know that I don’t know, as Shakespeare once said. I believe we are too naiv in the relationship to the knowledge. The door must always be open, for every opportunity. The learning point is still far away from us. Thank you for your being there as my friend, and for your honesty and kindness. 🙏👍

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