A Solitary Man remains Lonely Even in a Mass! (A short Story of my new Family and Me) P1!


As you might remember, I mentioned in my last post that I had to participate in my brother in law’s birthday party. It may sound like a usual act somehow. But for me, it will never be!

Actually, I want to tell you about an exciting encounter with a man I met only twice at their parties. Still, first I have to tell you something about my situation in my wife’s family: You know, my wife’s family is working class, and I like them very much. But they are very conservative and accordingly very sceptical about foreigners, and with this, you could imagine how difficult it could be for me to get my approval.

The family is significant in number (though a few of them passed away lately); my wife, Regina, had ten siblings (five sisters and five brothers). I even heard that my mother-in-law had two miscarriages to that, making it thirteen. (Maybe the number was inappropriate!) the father liked to drink a lot, was brutal to the family members, and the mother had nothing to say that much. When I got to know Regina, I realized that she was a wild, free-thinking person, and that’s why I began a relationship with her. And when I got to know her family, I was amazed at the different ways of thinking between her and the rest. The reason might have been that she was the only child who didn’t grow up with her parents but with a foster family. The father-in-law didn’t drink to much and was a socialist! I had got no problem with the foster parents and was welcomed heartily. The forest mother was a good-hearted Christ, and the foster father was an open-hearted man to every kind of person.

Although when Regina had introduced me to the family, the father wasn’t as bad as he used to be. He drank anymore and was the only one who accepted me as I was and liked me at once. But winning the hearts of the siblings was a masterpiece. In my life, I had to challenge often to persuade people, even the very right-wing beliefs, and won. But it is another story!

I don’t have that much contact with them, only if there are ceremonies or on Christmas or whatever we might meet. Of course, I’m happy about that because I hardly have anything in common with them. When we meet, I always want to talk about philosophy or psychology, God and the world, or generally about books I’ve newly read thereabout, but they are all interested in something else: the women about the neighbourhood’s way of life and the men about house construction and its facilities. Therefore, when I get to such meetings, I try to hide and seek somehow. A little yes here, a little OK there, and constantly changing places! I know how to do this. I mentioned it before in my memories that I got used to doing something unusual in societies, those days in Iran and here in Germany.

However, after many years, they slowly but surely accept me as a family member. Above all, Regina’s love and trust in me overwhelmed everyone. But now, as they noticed that I am an Alien, and somehow different, not only to them but also to all other foreigners, they accepted my knowledge (despite being very proud) and want more from me! I know that I’m a nice guy, and no one can resist when I start being nice! And because I rarely meet my good new family, I have no inhibition about being nice, though some people seem to misunderstand it. That is the story about this particular encounter;

To be continued!

Sorry, as I am writing, I notice that it is a longer story than I have accepted; therefore, let’s split it in two! 😁😉🙏💖

9 thoughts on “A Solitary Man remains Lonely Even in a Mass! (A short Story of my new Family and Me) P1!

  1. elainemansfield

    You leave me hanging and waiting for the next part of this story. I wait because there is no choice and you’re a busy man as well as being a lonely man.
    To defend women (including Regina who sounds wonderful!), come to my world in the US and meet women who talk about philosophy, mythology, and Jung–and stand up for Nature and liberal politics.

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