The Persian New Year, a New Century or the New Kingdom! !سال نو ایرانی ، یک قرن جدید یا پادشاهی جدید


Today is the beginning of Spring, accurately at 10.37 AM! I know it because at the same time begins the Persian new year. In the Islamic/Persian calendar, it is the year 1400. And in the old kingdom calendar, it is ca. 2570. The Islamic/Persian date begins with the Hijrat (move or escape) of Muhammad, the prophet, from Makkah to Madinah. And the only difference with the Arabic calendar ​is that the Arabs count their time lunar and not solar.

But we could have another date, namely from the beginning of the Persian empire, 550 BC. Therefore, I had added an astronomical year, may someone give any prize!

Actually, I don’t care much about it. It is the beginning of Spring, and it is the point! Although, by the way, I’m in a twilight feeling, at the same time, I have a funeral case behind me without “the four weddings”! The second brother of my wife’s family passed away because of the old known enemy: cancer. The relationship was not so strong, but a loss is a loss, and there is grief.

Yesterday, when I came home from the funeral, I felt absolutely empty. It was a strange feeling because I was not sad or missing something, just vacuum. Fortunately, it was my turn to cook the supper and, as I began, I got released my mind.

At night I had a dream. It’s stunning that I can keep my dreams lately because I forget them usually when I wake up.

In my dream, we were all living in a community, and we knew that we must keep being creative. There was a God! She/He had told us that we had to stay creative, and we did our best. There was a friend too, and she helped me to stay creative.

In the background, there were running Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata repeatedly. But, suddenly, many people stopped being creative, and I was much concern. Even my friend, as she has also, lost her interests. And there was God again and said: if you are not creative anymore, I will destroy you all! I said to my friend: come on! We must do something, and she had made a figure, a keynote and said: it must be enough!

I was afraid that it’s not enough. Therefore, I put every key from the Beethoven Moonlight Sonata, one after another, one by one, again and again. Then I woke up!

Anyway, that was a very odd dream. And now, back to the new year celebration. I have a beautiful song to present to you from a traditional, Armenian-Persian archive. It is not only a song about the beginning of Spring. It is a song for freedom, freedom all over the world.

Hppy New Year. 🤗💖🙏

31 thoughts on “The Persian New Year, a New Century or the New Kingdom! !سال نو ایرانی ، یک قرن جدید یا پادشاهی جدید

  1. Magician, what a lovely post, full of visions and music.
    I’m sorry for your loss. I know that empty feeling quite well. Sometimes we have to go to the emptiness until we are ready and able to feel whatever it is we have hidden from ourselves. A safe vacuum with nothing risky within it.

    I don’t remember my dreams often (thank goodness because they are usually bad), because I sleep very poorly, not long enough at one to dream much. Then I go back to sleep and hope for a longer stretch… and repeat until it’s finally morning.
    With your dream, I wonder if perhaps note by note you are working through the vacuum of emptiness, so that you can emerge into the light of a creative day, refreshed.
    Hugs on the wing.

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    • You are absolutely right, my dear friend. I have tried to make a form of my emptiness. And I have found the music, which has been always run into my veins. That might be my solution, and maybe yours? Thank you, my dear Chuckaboo, hug in the wing.

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  2. What a lovely post Alaedin thank you. I’m sorry for your losses. Your dream is magnificent. I have the moonlight sonata playing as I type and will still still listen to your Armenian-Persian song … and your pictures are beautiful. Happy Spring Day.

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  3. Happy spring and happy new year. May I add my condolences for the death of your brother-in-law. And thank you for sharing the beautiful freedom song. Hope for greater freedom and justice for all springs forth in me as I celebrate this first day of spring and the return of wise and benevolent leadership in our country.

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  4. Elaine Mansfield

    Blessed Equinox and New Beginnings, I’m sorry for the death of your family member and grateful it brought you a memorable dream with music. Moonlight Sonata seems like an anima song to me. Cooking sounds just right. Warmly, Elaine

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    • Oh yes, that is an Anima in this Sonata. In dream, it was very interesting for me, especially, when I tried to organise every note of that Sonata one after another 😊. Thank you for your warm words my dear Elaine. Love and Light.


  5. Dear Aladin, I’m sorry to learn of the death of your brother-in-law. I don’t know why but I’ve often connected the tone and music of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata with its slow and stately tempo to funeral marches. In fact, I only have to think about this particular piece of music and I can hear it. Thank you for including the wonderful videos above though!
    For me, your dream brings the poet Rilke to mind … “Everything is gestation and then bringing forth” for without creativity where are we? And yet, there is conflict for you as aspects of yourself seem to want to pause their production? Perhaps a regenerative break is needed in your creative life right now in order for you to recover your scattered energies?

    Personally, I take writing breaks often as there’s beauty in slow living, time to go into myself, to reach the depths beyond the intellect where my life can expand like lungs filled with new air. Maybe your dream is guiding you to take a creative break right now so that the archetypes can regroup and strengthen themselves. Blessed Equinox! Love and light, Deborah.

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    • Rilke was right, without creativity where can we be? It’s a right poem from a great poet, thank you my lovely friend. About a pause, I had it in my mind since a few weeks ago, especially, I must think about your diet now and then. I may need it, at least, for a good interpretation of my dream 😉 thank you for that. And I agree with you about the Sonata, in the first part, it goes so slowly like the steps behind the coffin. I wish you a nice Sunday my dear Deborah, love and Light 🙏💖😘

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  6. In this sad moment of loss, you dreamt about being creative and what is creativity but life? Art/ creativity is the only way man has to defy death . It fills the void and gives you perspective. And remember: “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”. Hugs. Tink.

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    • I thank You dear Chris 🙏 as I wrote the relationship was not so deep, though the grief is grief. And the song, honestly, I am not a huge fan of the Persian music but there are some traditional songs which are very beautiful 😊🤗🙏❤❤😘

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