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An Enlargement of a Photograph… or an Enlargement of Mind.

Hi dear friends. I hope you’re all good and well and tuned. Oops! It looks like I’m writing a letter to you 😁 Of course, I have no intention of writing a letter, I’m just a little confused, It seems I am doing mostly something else as I have thought to want to do!!

It might be also caused by a problem, which I have got since a week ago about my limited action on the WP.

You know; I must confess that I am as a guest-writer here, it means that I use this site in no charge. It is, of course, a very kind act by the WP to let me and the same as me, to be allowed to work and write their thoughts without paying and it is as it expected, limited version.

Therefore, and at the same time surprisingly, the warning comes to tell that; you have reached your limit! And of course, I respectfully accept it (with considering deleting some old posts as suggested)

Anyway, what can one expect from an old poor retired man? Nothing I think, just forgiveness and let him do calm his soul by sharing it with you good friends. 🙏💖

Now let’s go in the very past; from the time as life has begun, I would it recall; The end of ’60s. And with this old but very interesting movie; the Blow-up by Michelangelo Antonioni http://Search Results Web results Michelangelo Antonioni – Wikipedia and his first English-speaking movie.

I have watched this last weekend, after about forty-five years, oh yes; I have seen it in Iran those days though it was censored partly but anyhow it was an unbelievable occasion to see it! In fact, there were many opportunities in Shah’s time to do, one should only know that!

Now on this movie; of course, Antonioni is famous enough as a great movie-maker and he has made a lot of fascinating pieces in the history of cinema, but in this one, he has a message which he shows it at the end of the movie; fully noticed; the enlargement of the mind.

Here, he finds out the reason for what happens;; “in reality?” or it’s all just an imagination…???

Imagination Stock Pictures, Royalty-free Photos & Images - Getty ...
http://Getty Images

sometimes… the reality is the strangest fantasy of all

These are two of my best actors ever;

There it comes the mystery

Here I might reveal a clue, but the whole movie is a clue!


12 thoughts on “Blow-Up

    • Thank you so on and on my lovely one 😊 with the music you are surely right. especially with the yardbirds and Jimmy Page, it was time itself! My soul is within yours 🙏🙏💖😘😘💖🙏😘😍

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  1. A lovely post dear Magician. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction. As the time in which we now live proves. I was not familiar with this movie. I’m glad you included the trailer.
    In the small town where I grew up, things might not have been “censored” but might as well have been, because they simply weren’t available. Little television and radio stations (ownership) chose what they wanted to play.
    Have a wonderful weekend. You’re the cat’s pajamas!

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    • My lovely Teagan, you made my days 😊❤🙏 that’s always surprising me though, I think it is because of I am born in Tehran, the capital city and those days Tehran was a world city and many things were possible in spite of censorship 😉 thank you so much for your kind words, love you ❣🙏🥰🤗❤

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