Funny, I think of you often


I’m still sniffing and coughing (it seems to fit the weather in these days) but the energies are coming back 😉 therefore, please don’t think that I am lounging or lazing around and re-blogging as my illness would be an excuse! 😀

To put it bluntly; to write something is still for me, as an Unprofessional who still needs a kick to get his ghost to awaken to write.

and believe me; this ghost is still really sick 😰 but; as I have got cheerfully to know that one of the greatest writer and adorable friend – MIKE STEEDEN – after a short break has been back again, it was enough to give that kick and made me announce a wonderful book of him; (among the others of course which I am running after them) just to tell that it is a book for our life in this misfortune condition in which we are all living now.

This book made not only my summer holidays much brighter but also my life.

When I read this book, I had to think often, not only of “you” but also on Monty Python’s movies. Of course, there are no similarities there between just the “Meaningful” English black humour which I love it most. A really good tip for everybody. ❤

PS; Another excuse 😛💀Tomorrow, My wife and me have a trip towards Czech, to aim Prague for a few days and I promise to bring some report with pics 🙋‍♂️ ❤ Have a lovely Weekend 😘💖🙏

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