Stupid Beggar|گدای احمق


Hey, a great story 😂👍👍❤

A Voice from Iran

There once lived a beggar in a small town. The beggar walked daily in the local Bazaar and downtown area.


Everyone in town knew him for years. He was famous for his stupidity, and people made fun of him daily.


Every single day, people showed him two coins; one silver and the other one gold, then they asked him to choose.


He always chose the silver one which was less in value. New people used to come to visit after they heard about the stupid beggar. They offered him both coins just to see if the story was true.


And when he did pick the silver coin, they started making fun of him. This became an ongoing habit for people for years.


A kind by-passer heard the story and went to see this stupid beggar. When he saw that it was true and that the beggar was truly stupid, he…

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