The worthy people do not seek power … (Plato, State, A, 347 bd)


By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife

Socrates: “For him, therefore, I said, the worthy people do not seek authority for either the money or the glory; for neither they nor the willed want to be characterized, receiving an obvious salary for their office or thieves, profit from it.
Nor again for glory; for they are not ambitious. So we need to have a compulsion for them and some punishment to want to exercise power – thus almost be considered a shame to take one voluntarily government office before they forced to do so – and the greatest punishment here is the dominates one of his worst since he will not be willing to rule.

Fearing for her just punishment receive in my opinion to exert power worthy people when sometimes happen to take power in their hands, and take it to rule not with the idea that awaits them there anything good or that would wellbeing but as if they are going to something they need to do, and they do not have some of their better ones, or even theirs, to give it to them. “

(Platon, State, A, 347 bd)


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