“In all chaos, there is a cosmos; in all disorder, a secret order!” Carl Gustav Jung


Just a comeback announcement, if one of you dears has ever noticed my absence, you can now compare me with this cartoon!? We arrived yesterday evening, and until now, I am trying to gather my thoughts to find out where I am! Oh yes, belong to the Earth but all over a foreigner. Anyway, with a heartfelt hello, I share my littleness with some help from Master Dr Jung.:

The unconscious is not a demonic monster but a morally, aesthetically and intellectually indifferent natural being. It only becomes hazardous when our conscious attitude towards it is hopelessly wrong. To the extent that we repress, the dangerousness of the unconscious increases. But at the moment when the patient begins to assimilate the unconscious contents, the dangerousness of the unconscious also decreases. The personality dissociation, the anxious separation of day and night, ends with progressive assimilation. What my critic fears, namely the overpowering of consciousness by the unconscious, is most likely to occur when the unconscious is prevented from living through repression, wrong interpretation and devaluation. C.G.Jung

Die praktische Verwendbarkeit der Traumanalyse (1931)

from “Traum und Traumdeutung”

Image: Art Gallery of Ontario.

Mephistopheles fly over the city; from Goethe’s Faust

Have a lovely WE, everybody. Have a great and wonderful Easter fiesta until we meet again… 💖🙏💖🙏🤗

13 thoughts on ““In all chaos, there is a cosmos; in all disorder, a secret order!” Carl Gustav Jung

    • A few pages prior in The book Jung has just recounted the over-confident mountaineer who told him of a dream he had of climbing so high he was in outer space and felt ecstatic. Jung cautioned that he should have a guide next time he goes mountain climbing. But the climber ignored Dr. Jung and 2 months later was buried in an avalanche. He was rescued. But then, just a few months later he fell to his death! Killing his friend as well.

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      • Oh yes, mate. It’s tragic! Dr Jung had a few examples in his book, Traum und Traum Bedeutung, which I am trying to translate some parts of it to share. He has had an extraordinary power to see things from beyond. 😊


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