Externsteine. A Striking Rock Formation in the Teutoburg Forest.


The Externsteine are a striking sandstone rock formation in the Teutoburg Forest (Teutoburger Wald) and, as such, an outstanding natural attraction in Germany, which is a protected natural and cultural monument. The Wiembecketeich and a park-like area surround the rocks. The Externsteine are located in the area near the town of Horn-Bad Meinberg in the district of Lippe in North Rhine-Westphalia. Unique cultural and historical significance is ascribed to them.

Last Sunday, we took a tour to see these giant stones. Nature constantly shows her superiority again. And we went there to share in this fascination.

Around 70 to 100 million years old, this natural monument still puzzles scientists today and is considered the Teutoburg Forest’s giant magnet for visitors. The name “Externsteine” probably comes from the magpies (Elstern, in German), as many of these birds used to be found here.

It might be a landing place for the Goddesses and Gods of Olymp to take a rest?! Nobody knows.

The relief measures 4.8 m high by 3.7 m wide.

Interestingly, this relief is not a stone engraving but made of other materials and set on stone. It is for sure that Christianity wanted to participate in this magnificent Nature formation. Rumours are saying that the legs have been taken away to show the suffering of the act. However, let’s read the description:

“It is divided into three parts or registers. The largest central register shows the Descent from the Cross scene itself. At the centre is the cross; to the right is a figure identified as Nicodemus. The legs of this figure have been lost since at least the 17th century, but it is shown at an elevated position, aiding in the recovery of Jesus’ body from the cross. The figure was standing on a supporting structure (identified either as a plant bent by Nicodemus’ weight or as a chair). Nicodemus lowers the body of Jesus towards Joseph of Arimathea, who is standing to the left of the cross. To the left of Joseph is the figure of Mary, Mother of Jesus (the head of this figure has been lost), with her hand supporting the head of her son’s corpse. Opposite Mary, on the right side of the scene, is John the Apostle, holding a book.

The upper register shows the torso of the ascended Christ wearing a cross halo and a victory flag. The figure holds a small representation of a human figure with raised hands alongside the flag. Anthropomorphic representations of the Sun and Moon are shown to the left and right, holding drapes.

The lower register shows two kneeling figures, a naked bearded man and a clothed figure of undetermined sex, both of them caught in the coils of the neck and tail of a two-legged, winged dragon. These figures were variously identified as Adam and Eve (representing the fallen state of man in general) or as a Saxon warrior and priest. (With some help from Wikipedia).”

Anyway, it was a fascinating observation of the wonder of Mother Nature.

With a greeting by a crocodile in the beginning!

With these last pictures, I wish you all a lovely weekend, and I only mention that we will probably be in Mallorca next weekend if everything goes well. Let’s see! 🙏💖🤗💖🙏🌹

(Die Externsteine  SandsteinFelsformation im Teutoburger Wald und als solche eine herausragende Natursehenswürdigkeit Deutschlands, die unter Natur- und Kulturdenkmalschutz steht. Die Felsen sind vom Wiembecketeich und von einer parkartigen Anlage umgeben. Die Externsteine liegen im Gebiet der Stadt Horn-Bad Meinberg im Kreis Lippe in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Ihnen werden besondere kulturgeschichtliche Bedeutungen zugeschrieben. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Externsteine)

14 thoughts on “Externsteine. A Striking Rock Formation in the Teutoburg Forest.

  1. A fascinating marvel. Thank you Alaedin!
    I’ve never heard of this before. It’s always great to learn something new.
    Have a fab time in Mallorca!
    My new Gravatar is odd, but it’s a war/zombie protest, and is temporary.
    Be well! xo

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    • It is indeed a fascinating place, you are right! Thank you so much, also for your kind wishes, though there might be rainy as I have heard! 😏😁And I love you, no matter with your Gravatar. 😉💖🤗🙏

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      • Aww, how sweet! Yes, my creative urges to make a statement don’t always please everyone. I changed my Gravatar now, but fell I did express my horror of war to some.
        Thank you, and be well!! 😉💖🤗🙏


  2. elainemansfield

    I’d never heard to this place. I’ll have to ask my German friend if she’s been there. Have a wonderful journey to Mallorca. You’re a traveling man!

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    • rather my wife is a traveler, I would say. 😂😂it’s really a fascinating contraction by mother nature. Your friend may know about this place, though she has to be in this area to know it. Heartfelt thanks for your kind wishes 🙏 ❤️❤️

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