A Break to Breathe Again!


I don’t know if you have as same jargon as we have in Persian: “I feel like a wooden stick with both shitted ends!” Of course, the polite form of it is with both golden ends; anyway, my confusion is enormous.
I don’t want to moan again; I just want to let you know that I’m going to visit friends today (alone!) because tomorrow, we have planned to go to Hamburg to see Roger Waters’ concert.I like him as I have always liked Pink Floyd and his way of making music and also his way of thinking. He was almost banned from giving concerts in Germany because he criticized the Israeli government and its handling of Palestine! But democracy and freedom of justice have declined it, giving him the freedom to perform his show.Although I don’t want to get involved in this conflict (in my opinion, both sides have to give in) to ban an artist because they have problems with their past, and their conscience is ridiculous! There is no limit to free speech.Anyway, let’s rock & roll…🤟🖖🥰💖The Image at the top: Oszagh Picture on Canvas – The American Dream by Salvador Dali.

21 thoughts on “A Break to Breathe Again!

  1. Freedom of speech, prevails. Well played, Germany✊🏼🇩🇪 You know, I occasionally criticize Western culture🇺🇸 which sounds arrogant, but I do so out of love. We have so many lucky freedoms! If only we could fix the corruption and vast income and wealth inequality.

    I hope you enjoyed the show!? I have never seen Pink Floyd or Roger Waters in concert, but I talked to friends who saw Waters recently. Said the show was biting satire to the brim. Was there a floating piggy bank?🐷💰 I see Dali included a similar pig motif in “The American Dream.” Great work of art. Thank you for introducing me.

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