A Short Trip to Sicily… (The First Look!)


Or, A Short Trip Towards the Former Godfather State!

I am joking, sorry! No intention of offending anyone. Just traditionally, I want to present some pictures from my latest kidnapping! As I mentioned some weeks ago, we took a trip to spend a week in Sicily for the holidays.
In fact, we have travelled to the south to warm our old (for me definitely) bones, but it was much worse than shivering at home. Well, bad luck! Some kilometres to the right side, it was about 30 degrees in Spain, and we had not more than 14 degrees. The weather was wet, cold, and mostly cloudy.

But what does one do in this case? It’s only to make the best of it; rent a car and run all over the island. It went well so far in the car, but when we got back to our apartment, it was chilly, and as you might know, there was no heating system in our establishment, only the air conditioner. Bei the way, we hadn’t tick cloths with us; WTF?

Anyway, every day, very early in the morning, I tried to catch the sun rising, if I could ever see the clear sky, and could warm my body and take some pics.

Sometimes it was dark, and sometimes it was clear… well!🙄😁

Naturally, my focus was mainly on getting the finest and most beautiful moments of the scenes to take in my camera, or better to say, my Phone. Here are some of them;

Also, in front of our apartment at the beach, there was a nice play of lights in the evening, but sitting outside at that moment was too chilly; therefore, we watched it from behind the window.

Forget domani con questa luna, questo mare e tu con me
Viviamo oggi questo nostro amor…

I will come back for more pictures to share. Thank you, all you lovely friends.🙏💖

28 thoughts on “A Short Trip to Sicily… (The First Look!)

  1. Incredible photos Aladin, especially the one at the top of this post! Bellissimo! Shame it wasn’t warmer there but still, it’s a stunning location and not how I imagined Sicily is for some strange reason. Great tune, I’ve just listened. Love and light, Deborah.

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      • yes I know it. My life in movies was influenced by ma and da at a point in thiers where there that was what it was and to this day I love films and every bit about them no matter the vintage and ps… kind of have collected stuff…

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      • Dundee where they grew up during quite hard times, was said to have more cinemas per head of population, certainly in the UK, if not on a wider scale than that. There were two cinemas in the same street in places, You can still see a lot of the old frontages in buildins that are now something else. So cinema was a huge part of their lives. We went regularly when I was wee–htere was a sliding scale from the classy ones, to the fleapits as films, new and old did the rounds, and they wouldn’t pass up a film on TV either.

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  2. So sorry to hear the weather was so terrible. We love Sicily. My husband’s grandfather was from there, andcame to the U.S. at 18. Taormina is our favorite. We’ve only been in the summer and it’s hot then. Love the pictures!!


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  3. elainemansfield

    Beautiful photos and it’s important to see the world’s wonders, but what can we do about the weather which is strange everywhere? It’s cold and wet in western NY with rain expected every day for the next week. It’s hard to enjoy traveling in such weather, but I’m at home and put another log in the woodstove. Now I’ll read about the Shikhenah for Sunday’s mythology class and be glad my home is cozy and I don’t have to go anywhere. (At least it isn’t snowing! or my other mantra: “Don’t complain, Elaine. You could be in Ukraine or Iran.”)

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  4. So sorry it was chilly when you were hoping to warm the old bones, Aladin. Some beautiful blue skies in some of your pictures, so not a total loss. And driving around the island sounds like a great choice. Summer is on its way, my friend. Thanks for the tour!

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    • Thank you, my lovely Diana. You know that warming! Of course, we had the first and the last day of warmth and sunshine, though I wished for some more! Anyway, I will have some surprises, maybe from both sides. Thank you again… 🙏💖🥰😘

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