Coloured “Great” Canyon in Wadi al-Weshwashy in Egypt.


Today I want to present some particular sides (sights) of the magical landscape of Egypt with fascinating colours.

Millions of years ago, the Sinai desert was eventually part of the Red Sea, and nowhere else has the ancient ocean left a more brilliant legacy upon the landscape than at the Colored Canyon near Nuweiba.

Mother Nature seems to have all the beautiful colours we can imagine in her soul to show us all at once. With highly appreciate Marie Grillot for letting us enjoy these magnificent views.

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“Coloured canyon”: the wadi that makes you see all the colours.

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Superlatives abound. So much so that the wealthiest descriptions of the chromatic circle seem too narrow to translate the emotions unanimously felt: an “impressive beauty”, an “incredible palette of colours, ranging from white to ocher through all the ranges of red and purple”; a “magnificent palette of colours ranging from sandy yellow to pink to blue”; “shades of yellow, purple, red, magenta and gold”; “crystalline colours”, a “velvety appearance”; a “range of hues from dark brown to red to straw yellow”; “amazing layers of colours like pink, purple, silver and gold; gorgeous colours that seem to come out of a fairy tale, so pure and varied”…

The ‘wadi’ is aptly named: “The Colored Canyon” “le “Canyon Coloré”. It is located in the Sinai, between Taba and Nouweiba, not far from the western coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.

With sumptuous layers of colour, this gorge is a labyrinth of limestone rocks reaching up to 60 meters high. A natural geological curiosity, “one of the most beautiful rock formations in the world”, which unfolds over nearly 800 meters in length and proves to the visitor that a canyon “does not have to be green to be beautiful”!


It is up to geologists to explain the why and how of this spectacular natural setting, which recalls the site of the Grand Canyon in Colorado on a minimal scale. The sources we have consulted, likely to provide some light, are content to put forward two successive and complementary causes of a phenomenon dating back millions of years: sedimentation (the Sinai region being submerged by oceanic water), then erosion – by water? Mechanical? Wind turbine? – the mineralized and coloured sandstone having been dug to take these forms, left to the imagination of nature, which arouses our wonder.

“This impressive geological phenomenon, we read on the “Treasures of the World” website, is still unexplained by specialists who are as amazed as tourists by this breathtaking spectacle of lights, which varies according to the inclination of the sun’s rays in the rocky corridor formed by the erosion of the rains.”


Let us, therefore, be guided by an admiring gaze: “Keep an eye for the details, and you will find that your imagination can easily take flight and find human faces or animals on the walls of the cliffs.”

The hike, say the guides, is “easy”, provided you are accompanied. A little exercise is, however, on the menu to overcome certain obstacles, especially when you have to slip under a rock that has come between two very close walls. But it’s “a fun experience, and certainly a memorable one!”

If the specialists in geology remain silent in front of a canyon, which makes them “see all the colours”, for the specialists in tourism, it could not be more explicit: “Coloured Canyon: excursion not to be missed under any pretext. You are engulfed in captivating labyrinths in this magical place where the rocks play with the colours. Beauty, silence and peace await you.” (Jean-Paul Labourdette, Dominique Auzias, Guide du “Petit Futé”)

Marie Grillot

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22 thoughts on “Coloured “Great” Canyon in Wadi al-Weshwashy in Egypt.

  1. Exquisite! Thank you Aladin for sharing Marie’s beautiful, sumptuous post. There’s little I can add suffice to say that she’s described the colours and beauty of this cavern, alongside Mother Nature, admirably! Whatever you’re doing have a wonderful weekend! Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. elainemansfield

    My favorite colors of Egypt. It also reminds me of places I’ve visited in the southwestern United States such as the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing, Aladin.

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