Don Quixote; a Hero or a Clown!


Spanish Renaissance poet Cervantes’ 400-year-old novel is about truth, fantasy and living it out. This roman is undoubtedly known to almost everyone. I have known it since my youth, have seen it in cinemas and read the novel. Even a few years ago, I heard that Terry Gilliam; had made a movie of this book, though I had no chance to see it yet. (“Don Quixote and Sancho Panza are two sides of our existence.” Gilliam meant once.) Anyway, what made me interested in this roman is that last Friday, we were in the city theatre (Kleine Theater) to watch a modern interpretation of the story. That was my birthday present from my adorable wife.

“We are dreamers and pragmatists”! Someone might sell dreams but Don Quixote lives dreams. Therein lies a fundamental difference. Terry Gilliam. DLK

Don Quixote has devoured too many chivalric romances. That’s why he ends up considering himself a “knight errant”. Fearless, he wants to throw himself into danger, ensure law and order and cover himself with eternal glory.

With his rickety horse Rocinante and his stable master Sancho Panza, Don Quixote sets out to make his idealistic dreams come true. He fights against windmills and attacks a herd of sheep, which he mistakes for an enemy army.

The experienced Sancho Panza patiently explains the difference between reality and imagination, but Don Quixote prefers to be deceived and blinded by magic… (translated from a Piece.)

L’entrée of the Play.

I asked myself, who is Don Quixote truly? A hero or a clown? We might hate or love him, but I think we have a little of him in us.

16 thoughts on “Don Quixote; a Hero or a Clown!

  1. Oh, it must be approaching forty years since I first picked up this novel, of which so much I’ve forgotten! Thank you dear Aladin for sharing this review with us. It sounds like you both enjoyed the play very much. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. elainemansfield

    Thanks again for bringing back something I haven’t looked at for many years. The world is illusion, for sure, but we still must treat it with seriousness and skill to ease suffering. May we all find a healthy balance.

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