Another Year, Another Hope, But Imagine Still!


A short but deeply tribute to the best composer, musician and human of all time: John Lennon. As you all know, an ill-minded person, a product of a poor-minded society, shot him forty-one years ago. Though, He and his works will remain alive in our minds forever.
Happy Christmas, everybody.

12 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Hope, But Imagine Still!

  1. Thank you Aladin for marking the 41st anniversary of Lennon’s death. That John died aged only 40 makes me feel even more sad as I try to imagine him today at 81 years old. His music and beautiful imagination will live forever. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. Imagining that people can live without religion, without politics, without conditioning of various types that lead only to clashes and wars, is truly an immense dream. only John could have such a vision of a free land and free human beings.

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