A Day (or two) In The Life


It was Thursday early in the morning when I woke up at 5,30 AM to prepare myself to get to work; suddenly, the telephone rang unexpectedly.
Usually, I ignore the ringing phone because nobody wants to speak to me, and all calls are for my wife, Regina. But at that time, she was still sleeping, and I picked the phone up quickly not to disturb her.

“Hallo Aladin, that is me, Manfred”, said at the other end. I knew him. He’s a fellow teacher of the same school as my wife. I greeted him back and asked what was wrong? As I could guess, something must be wrong. He said it was urgent, and if Regina awoke? I told him it was too early for her, but it seemed necessary to wake her up.

She jumped out of bed when I opened the sleeping room door and grabbed the phone. I didn’t listen to them anymore cause I had to go on with my own mess. After that, when she ended the call, she was so excitedly running back and forth that I had to ask her what was going on? She told me that in their routine Corona testing on children, it seems that yesterday one of the samples turned out positive. Therefore, she must call every parent to say that their child has to stay home until the laboratory finds out which child is infected. I wished her good luck and went out to work with an ulterior motive (worry) that what should happen next.

Anyway, when I came back home, she told me she had reached all the parents in the evening, and she, with all others, had to wait until tomorrow, Friday, for the results from the laboratory values. And after discovering which child was infected, all the teachers had to give a PCR test! I must confess here that I have never seen such fatigue and worry in the eyes of my lovely wife. She noticed my worries and told me that she had to cancel all her plans for the weekend because the test would take two days to show the result, and it sucks!

What we could do, was to take it “somehow” easy and try to get relaxed. On Friday, the following day, she woke up early to get the necessary connections to the colleagues for further underactions. And at half-past eight, on the same Friday, in the early morning, the news from the school’s secretary came that all results were negative and there was just a failure from the laboratory! Don’t worry and be happy. Error is human!!

I was just watching her face with joy, how her eyes got pacified.

13 thoughts on “A Day (or two) In The Life

  1. Oh, I can resonate so much with your post today Aladin as I’m feeling dog-tired these days from all things covid related … as you’ve no doubt seen on my latest Facebook post. However I’m pleased to read that things turned out okay for your wife at her school and that it was the laboratory that made the error.

    Some days I feel overwhelmed by it all, especially this week when I read in the news that some countries are refusing entry to shops and restaurants, etc to people who are unvaccinated. Me, I chose vaccination but that doesn’t mean I agree with the treatment of people being treated like bloody lepers.

    I hope you’re okay Aladin and having a lovely, restful, restorative weekend. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. elainemansfield

    This experience captured the Exhausting Time well. It never seems to end. One crisis after another with our frayed nerves and irritation. My country is a bundle of fear. I’m grateful I don’t have to face it much because I work from home, but I’m sad for my sons and other young ones who need to live a life. Panic is in charge–and I’m glad all is well with the children and Regina.

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  3. I see that procedures there are clumsier that in Italy. Here if you have at least 3 students tested positive, we are quarantined, otherwise if we have been in conctact for too long, we have to be tested twice: the first and the fifth day after contact. If you consider that I have about 150 students, I might, with reason, spend the entire school year constantly being tested and quarantined. 😷

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