Today I would like to share a fascinating painter and his works (might not so well know to some of you). And, I could be valuable for my adorable wife, helping her clean the entire terrace and remove the moss!

I have got known him for his style of Symbolism. (Symbolism: Influenced by Romanticism, Böcklin’s symbolist use of imagery derived from mythology and legend often overlapped with the aesthetic of the Pre-Raphaelites. Many of his paintings are imaginative interpretations of the classical world, or portray mythological subjects in settings involving classical architecture, often allegorically exploring death and mortality in the context of a strange, fantasy world.)

Böcklin is best known for his five versions (painted 1880 to 1886) of the Isle of the Dead, which partly evokes the English Cemetery, Florence, which was close to his studio and where his baby daughter Maria had been buried. An early version of the painting was commissioned by a Madame Berna, a widow who wanted a painting with a dreamlike atmosphere. Wikipedia

Arnold Böcklin (16 October 1827 – 16 January 1901) was a symbolist Swiss painter.

The painter rejected the naturalistic trends of his time and created symbolic, mythological works.

Arnold Böcklin was born on Oct. 16, 1827, in Basel. He attended the Düsseldorfer Academy (1845-1847).

At this time he painted scenes of the Swiss Alps, using light effects and dramatic views subjectively to project emotional moods into the landscape. ARNOLD BÖCKLIN

So, now let’s have a view of his astonishing paintings. I hope you will enjoy it. 🤗💖

The Island of Life (Die Lebensinsel), 1888
HxB: 93.3 x 140.1 cm; Öl auf Mahagoniholz; Inv. G 1960.12
http://By Arnold Böcklin – 1. Copied from an art book2. Unknown source, Public Domain,

8 thoughts on “ARNOLD BÖCKLIN

  1. Oh, thank you so much Aladin for introducing me to this simply amazing artist. I love all his symbolic paintings, most especially “Ocean Breakers” Wow! Symbolic and surrealist art are my favourite genres.

    Hope your weekend is going well and you’ve found time to pop out and help your wife remove the moss from the terrace. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. elainemansfield

    I’d never heard of this painter, Aladin, but I’m drawn to his “Island of Life” with swans. I like the way his palette is dark and a little ominous balanced with those highlights of intense red. Thank you for the introduction.

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