Another year passed, and the goal is more tangible

End of the 90s at Baltic Sea

In fact, I do not adhere to the belief that the lost ones should be remembered once a year. As you might have noticed, I have mostly mentioned my brother’s name in my articles. But every year on this very day, I miss his closeness, his advice. Therefore, let me calm my heart and drop some words.

What is dead, broken, or achieving the ideal?

Sorry, I’d like to take help often from the Master of the psyche, Dr Jung:

http://AZ Quotes

It must be true. As we begin the second half of our life, and we carry the experiences from the last into the new, we can take a little time and think of the end or a new beginning.

As I remember, since I was eighteen and after our mother died, I thought that I couldn’t be sadder than that. My eyes were dried by shedding so many tears. But I was wrong!

Yes! I want to write another tribute to my beloved brother, Al. It is my fourteenth tribute, though I have such a feeling as it is still the first one.
It was 2006 when the killer tumour appeared in his genius brain, (he had got an epileptic attack), and then we’d been driven to the hospital with the ambulance. They wanted to keep him for a night to make an EEG test, and I walked all the way back home. It was Mars the fifth, and was heavily snowing. That’s why when I arrived home, I just looked like a snowman, and I haven’t even noticed it.

It had been a back and forth till he got surgery (I don’t want to get into the details.) After he came back home, he was very fit and happy and told me that he wanted to win cancer, as Lance Armstrong did, who had got cancer but won over it with doing sport with biking and winning many tournaments, amongst Tour de France, though with a little help from doping! Al’s dopping was only smoking!

He was the coolest one after brain surgery. 💖

Anyway, Al had put an aim with an exercise bike, which we’d bought, and he began to practice.
Every day, when I came home from work, (How I’d wish that I had the chance to have the possibility to leave the job and had more time with him, my beloved one.) I saw him biking and listening to the Beatles. We loved them since our childhood and had all the LPs from them. Once, he told me that he had discovered something as he listened to the Beatles: they had made so many songs that none is similar to the other, how fascinating! He said, and he was right.

We didn’t like Iranian music, except some rare traditional ones. From an early age, with the help of our older brother Soroosh, we got to know western culture and music and fell in love with it. Yes, we were Aliens in Iran and remained Aliens in Germany! It lasted only one year, and this very year was a good year. He was happy, therefore I was, and he was trying to back to his work: writing. But the killer tumour came back to finished its job. That’s another sad story, might be told later.

At Al’s funeral, I have chosen some songs (an unusual dead ceremony!) which Al loved most. Like Leonard Cohen once sang: We are ugly, but we have the music.

…And clenching your fist for the ones like us
Who are oppressed by the figures of beauty
You fixed yourself, you said: Well, never mind
We are ugly but we have the music…

And one with Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters, which Al’d always wish to say; Don’t Fence Me In.

And, I’ve had added a song from our most loving duet: Simon & Garfunkel. This describes his worldview (Weltanschauung), which shows with no doubt, A Most Peculiar Man .

The last one, I thought it must make fun, as he always marked: Happiness is all! I have just thought of Dean Martin‘s Sway, and that’s it!

Have you ever thought of sway into another world? Anyway, I thought that it is a wonderful idea to dance so far until to change the level! As Al always did believe in: Be happy and thanks for the music which has been given to us. Love and Light, as an adorable forever friend always said. 🙏🙏💖🤗

33 thoughts on “Another year passed, and the goal is more tangible

  1. Your brother Al was obviously a very special person and you do him proud with your tribute and even more so in your posts. I’ve enjoyed hearing about your exploits.

    Life can be so cruel, yet we must make the best of whatever cards we are dealt. Thank you for the Carl Jung quote. Very apt for us not-so-youngsters.

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  2. This is a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your beloved brother, Al. The music and songs that you’ve chosen Aladin to accompany your words today are wonderful. I absolutely love Dean Martin’s “Sway!” Yes, thank goodness for all the music and musicians in this gorgeous and ugly world!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and Jung’s insightful quote. And yes it’s true, we don’t need to remember our loved ones only on the anniversary of their death.

    Thoughts and memories of my mother, grandmother and many dear friends who have left this mortal life comes to me many times a day … especially now I listen and type and sway!

    Now I remember them all, thank you. Love and light, Deborah.

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  3. Aladin, this is so touching and beautiful. And what a special and deeply loving way to remember him….through his favorite songs. Thank you for including them here with his picture. I believe Jung was right. We must not try to ignore or forget the fact of death. Knowing our time is limited awakens us to what’s really important, and motivates us to live our lives fully, mindfully, meaningfully. Your tribute to Al is an example of sharing what’s of true value to you, your love for your brother. And to do it even in the face of your grief is a loving and courageous gift to your readers. I know Al would be, and is, proud of you. Thank you. Jeanie

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    • It’s almost a privilege to have such wise words here, in my littleness. I am so happy to have your kind comment and so brilliant analysis. Thank you my dear Jeanie, I am (still) regarding your book word by word to learn even more 🙏❤🤗


  4. Thank you for sharing memories of your brother, Aladin. May your wonderful memories sustain you as you move forward on your timeline. Every moment is precious, a gift that has the power to bring love and hope back to our hearts.

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  5. Lieber Aladin du hast deinen Bruder sehr geliebt und ihn verehrt . Diese Hommage ist ihm würdig , jedoch würde er zu dir sagen . Bruder mir geht’s jetzt gut und ich möchte dass du dein Leben mit Glück und Freude lebst . Ich weiß wie es ist einen geliebten Menschen zu verlieren und sie möchten , dass wir unsere Leichtigkeit des Lebens finden , jedoch geht dies nicht so einfach . Ein schöner Beitrag lieber Aladin mit den Emotionen , die du empfunden hast . Liebe Grüße Mona 😊🍀

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  6. Ich danke dir vom Herzen liebe Mona, und ich weiß was du meinst: let it go! Ich lebe natürlich mein Leben, mit Enkelkindern habe ich auch genug Freude, aber ich habe über 50 Jahre mit meinem Bruder verschiedene Schikane erlebt und überlebt. Daher es ist mir nicht so einfach dies zu vergessen oder loslassen. Trotzdem bin ich sehr dankbar für deine nette Wörter 🙏hab ein schönen Sonntag ❤🤗


  7. elainemansfield

    Beautiful, Aladin. It’s so clear how much you loved Al and love him still. Somehow we have to learn to find joy despite death (a friend I first met in 1967 died today). I’m still working on it. It sounds like Al had the gift. May we all sway our way to the end with someone swaying with us. With love to you in that heart of grief.

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  8. I am so sorry NOT to have seen this yesterday. We had friends to stay and it was hectic. It is such a beautiful tribute, even more loving every year that you honor him and write about him. I’m so glad to get the chance to read it.

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  9. A very moving tribute Alaedin and wonderful songs to share, ones he loved, you too. May his memory be a blessing. Let him be your guiding light. Thank you for sharing your tribute to him … I’m thinking of the Simon & Garfunkel song ‘Call me Al’ – at least I think it was G & F —

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  10. Magician, the range and depth of your thoughts continues to impress. I think your brother wasn’t the only genius in your family. 😉 This is a lovely tribute.
    I always liked the Beatles, although I had not thought about how unique each song was — so true. Hugs on the wing.

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  11. You continue to amaze me, Aladin, with your positivity and resilience. I am sad for the loss of your brother, such a beloved one. I often wonder why people who have such dedicated loved ones lose them when people who are distant from their relatives and less caring have access to them but do not even engage. Another one of the conundrums of life, I guess. I love your idea of swaying into another world. I think I do that often! xoxo

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