Bonn, the City of Beethoven


Hi dear fellows. Let me first drop some lines as a prologue before begin to report our trip;
As a novice in the matter of writing, I look always for gathering some idea for my weekend post. I am getting used to doing it (it seems to become a ritual for me). Therefore, I try to begin on Mondays because I need time! though it sometimes stuns me to see some friends who simply post a video-clip or share from the WEB a quote with a title; The Quote of the Day, and that was it! I can’t, I don’t know why but I can not do it so simply. Surely I use also the WEB but when I want to tell something, must be composed a part of my own thoughts too.
Anyway, this time I was in Bonn and I couldn’t get ready to prepare something or even not a free mind to catch up with an idea. And when we came back home I was so rigid that I couldn’t fix the days till today I worked up and I had a feeling like a pupil who had not finished his homework and must appear in the school!!
Now at least there was a trip and I can tell thereabout and share some pictures with you, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

A few days ago, my wife and I were in Bonn not only to visit the former capital city of Germany (BRD the west part) But surely to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Ludwig von Beethoven; one of the greatest ever in the classic music.

Taken by me; Aladin Fazel

The truth is that we wanted to travel to Berlin as we’d planed last year to get my interview with the US Embassy for getting a visa for me if you might remember it. It has been cancelled because of the Corona emerge and we have just thought to change this meeting to few-days travel in Berlin to meet also the ex from my wife! But Berlin became a Hot-spot, therefore, we made an immediate change to Bonn, also towards Beethoven, an unbelievable chance.

Me and the Master (soppy)!

I love him and his works; especially his once and for all Concerto Violon which He had composed only one (many other compositors have more than one Concerto Violon) but this is a remarkable one.
And we had met the Rhein and her beauty, we had also an unexpected encounter with Beavers who walking cooly around.

The Rhein
The Beaver among the others

And we took a look at his house or museum, we were not allowed to take any pictures, therefore, I had to steal one from the WEB! It’s his piano, so small but what the masterworks he’d created with it; even later when he was deaf.

The Piano in the Beethoven Museum. Vienna. 2013. Photograph by... | Piano,  Beethoven, Vienna

There some more, have a peaceful weekend ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–

And yet, let’s have the great piece; with a woman as the soloist, what else.

14 thoughts on “Bonn, the City of Beethoven

  1. As I type Beethoven’s music is filling my mind, body, spirit and soul! It’s melody has certainly woken me up from my afternoon siesta. As always you include some wonderful photos Aladin, especially the one of you and the Master! Thank you for sharing Bonn, the city of Beethoven with us. Love and light, Deborah.

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