Holidays with Helios and Ilias


Or an Adventure in the time of Corona!

Crete, Greece. Taken by my better half (my wife)

Hello dear friends, Yes! We have done it; to spend our vacation in the other place, including taking the flight and bus and far away from home. And as you know it was surely not so easy as every year but as our big travel to the US failed out or cancelled, we had decided spontaneously (as my wife likely does) to fly to Greece. The main reason for this choice was not only the Sun and the Sea but the Greek people. I like them very much because, as I have travelled many times to many Europian countries, the Greek people were (and are) the most honest, free and easy taken ones.

In these two weeks in which I was away, I didn’t try to write something or even do much busy on the web, especially from WP. I had some ideas to write down but I didn’t, just had a short review here and there, now and then. {I hope one or two had noticed 😉} firstly because I wanted to company my wife, Regina, and she is not so interested in the social media, therefore, I decided to take a small distance to the internet and also it had done good to me, honestly!

Anyway, we flew to Crete on the southern side and I must confess that I had a seedy or shifty feeling as we arrived in the apartment in our facility; it was all empty of guests! we were the first and the only guest at least for the first three or four days. And also at the beach, there were very few people all around. For us, it was at one hand wonderful, calm and quiet, and on the other hand, we had sympathised with the natives who were suffering by this lacking tourists.

Now let’s have a look at what we had experienced on this wonderful island with abundant culture and history full of mythology.

Our main point, surely after our investigation all around the other places to see the beauty of the countryside, was the visiting of excavation of the Knossos.

fresco found at the Minoan site of Knossos, indicating a sport or ritual of “bull leaping”, the dark skinned figure is a man and the two light skinned figures are women

In the beginning, we’ve met the turtles in some small pond, I’ll bet that most people stood most of the time to look at these beautiful and fascinating creatures!!

The Minoans are the primal ruler on this island; Crete; here I have seen a statue of the all-mighty woman on this island; Europe.

Europe the queen

And down there it says; Europe is my name, I am the Daughter of Phoenician king Agenoras and mother of King Minos, creator of the Minoan civilisation (As I read this, I could hear her voice in my ears, I don’t know if someone else did it too!)

An interjection: I have a mournful feeling when I just read the name Europe, what a dream I (we) had!!

And in the end, I have just thought:

What a … is breezing so strong…

the hairstyle is cool 😎😉🤣

Of course, We have visited the “Waterfall” too, It was an amazing experience, surely with the Tarzan in it!!

That’s him!!

The last Look;

Thank you all and I wish you wholeheartedly a much better life as ever (this can be needed always, believe me!)
And here a secret PS: as I was writing, it comes a warning that my storage space is full, then I had to act; to delete some. no problem I know the reason: no paying no action. And in the world of cash, it is normal.😏; I just remember on Hemingway’s “to Have or have not”; Herry Morgan quote on life: A man alone has no f…..g chance.
I love You All dear folk. 😉😍😘🤗😍✌🙏🙂😊😂😮😳🙃👌🤗😘😎🤑🤑🤑👳‍♀️😷🤟🤣

17 thoughts on “Holidays with Helios and Ilias

  1. Sorry, I sent it incomplete! I meant, you have seen me through, I have a huge problem with the weather in Germany! Here is very seldom warm in Summer but when it happens, they are all crying, 🤣 I enjoy right now in Crete my lovely Sun because in this very time in Germany it’s about 15 degrees and rains. The Sun gives me always the power to relax and I enjoy it every time as I can. Thanks a lot dearest friend, you made my days ❤ 💕


  2. Lieber Aladin ein wunderschöner vorallem mit tollen Fotos hinterlegter Reisebericht von Griechenland. Ich hoffe du erzählst noch mehr davon , da ich Griechenland sehr mag und endlich mal dahin reisen möchte .es gibt so vieles historisches , ich nenn es immer auf den Pfaden der Götter wandern . 😊👌
    Liebe Grüße Mona

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ja das ist es tatsächlich, das Land der Götter 😊 danke vielmals für die nette Wörter, ich muss ja mehrere Bilder mitteilen deshalb werde ich noch eine extra Blatt dazu hängen 😉wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag und danke nochmal 🙏liebe Grüße Aladin ❤⚘


  3. Thank you Aladdin for sharing your beautiful sun and sea-filled “Corona” holiday with us! You look relaxed in your photos and at ease. Although I’ve never visited the island of Crete before or indeed Greece itself, I imagine the people there to be most friendly and laid-back. Wonderful photos of the excavations and what joy to have the hotel and beaches to yourself!

    At the moment I’m taking a much needed writing break from blogging and all social media in order to concentrate on self-publishing my second volume of poetry. A long and arduous task! So look forward to catching up with you in the next month or so. Until then take care! Blessings always, Deborah.

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  4. My lovely Deborah, I am surprised to hear from you because I thought you’d be very busy as you’d ones mentioned, and of course it makes me happy to see and read your kind words and you might get time to travel to Crete one day, you will never regret that 😊 I actually must add an extra number to share some nice photos which my wife had taken, she is good 😉
    I wish you much success for your new book dearest ❤ take care 🙏❤

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