Singing Detective


Hi dear friends. Today, I’d like to interview or better to use the word sharing with you (before you answer; hey! I know that stuff of course!!) this amazing TV work with great music, directory, actor(ess)s, and story.

You know; it is not simply to find a good TV show or serial and It’s The TV serial! Because I have wonderful memories in which my brother Al and I had watched it permanently after we’d recorded it on the videotapes. We were both introverts. because of our traumatic childhood and TV was a long time the best companion in this world. And I can add that in this one we could find a lot of similarities, for example; don’t trust anybody! (Though one of us must be in contact to the society, I did it, because Al was a writer and I, as I have thought, had nothing to present.)

therefore, we had a lot of memories about watching TV (series) and keep ourselves in. (it would be fit with the Coronas world now, doesn’t it?!

It was and is as a strong memory for me to watch and hear the first line of this show;

Of course, I had to add here, that it wasn’t only the brilliant artist’s movie work but also the music which belong to the time in which we, as humans, were suffering from inhumanity; the WWII.

It was not only a TV show, it shows not just the points of draft or the thoughtfulness of the mankind, but it’d go to the deep of the childhood: Where is the father gone? when will he come back?; SOON… SOON, and we two brothers knew about it so much, too much, so long. we knew these questions!

Anyway, It was my discovery as I knew in Germany, it’s not so easy to find a good production from other countries in the original language. I mean here you can surely find all the good artworks from all over in the world but you must search intensively, they’d never come on the common famous TV channels.

And this song… give me a heartbeat!!

That is not only a good TV serial, I repeat myself I know, but it shows also the psychological stand of a child in a very deeply version; I know what I’m talking about! Roger Waters from Pink Floyd would confirm this! (The Wall)

I have the same stocking at school. from the teachers as the classmates!

And there we’ve found once more, I say once more because the history of the arts keeps mostly going to the deep points of the child in the growing-up period. Shadows… Shadows… We must know our Shadows. Am I right or am I right?

And the umbrella is too fix today 😉

These are the great ones to create this great work;

Michael Gambon, Janet Suzman and Patrick Malahide star in a 1987 miniseries about a stricken writer’s painful recovery.

Program creatorDennis Potter

DirectorJon Amiel

WritersDennis Potter

AwardsBritish Academy Television Award for Best ActorMORE

2 thoughts on “Singing Detective

  1. Aladdin, the way in which you contrast and compare your wonderful memories of watching “The Singing Detective” TV series with your older brother Al and staying indoors under quarantine today due to COVID-19 has many parallels indeed.

    Thank you so much for sharing a little bit more of your story and helping us understand why films, music and TV became important friends to you as you grew up. Hope your weekend is going well and that you’re staying safe. Blessings always, Deborah.

    Liked by 1 person

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