Prague (Praha) 4



I just wanna say; I’m jealous! That must not be a yammer though, I have a little tear in my eyes. You know; I have always a hard working day to get my weekend, my lovely weekend with you lovely friends to share my deepest thoughts which I can never share them during my work with the colleagues. they’d never understand it, quote end! And then; as I am working, I have always a look into my Smartphone to know what I’m missing and of course, there come a lot of ideas in my head to work on; and then when I get my favourite day: Saturday, I wake up early in the morning; not wasting time, but after turning on my PC, I sit there in front on monitor and stare on it! Believe me, I really don’t know where and how I’d begin.

And what makes me jealous; It is that some of my friends have a lot of time to read good stuff which I’d dream of 😀 😉

Anyway, I “have to” add the forth part on this journey, because of two meeting which my lady and me have taken part in;

the first was an idea of my wife (as always 😀 ) to visit the studio of making movie by Karel Zeman

Karel Zeman

I knew him from the younger-time in Iran as I was working as an actor on the stages and was much interested in theatre and movies. His works had fascinated me; he had worked with toys and took frames from every single act. You might know it, it had caught my eyes those days how hard work it could be; to bring your uncommon imaginations on the screen to make a movie…

And there are some more pics on this issue;

Another issue was to visit the communism museum. though, it was not so easy to find it but we’d succeed and there are some pics; first begin with the Master 😉

an ever life working place for a stuff
The undergoing events
Havel the saviour

Thank you and good night ❤ ❤

14 thoughts on “Prague (Praha) 4

  1. Thank you Aladin for sharing even more stories and images (that each speak a thousand words!) from your recent Prague trip with your beloved wife. Both the museum and studio visit looked amazing, full of so many rich stories, creativity and true life-accounts. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, enjoy the hours you have left before you return to work. Warm & wild blessings, Deborah.

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