Yes! This word is getting more and more familiar to me nowadays.

At first, I wanted to thank you all my adorable and honourable friends for your kindness and generosity to let me feel at home to open my heart once more for you.

I’m almost a newcomer here but unfortunately, I am probably spending the last quartal of my life session though, I wished I’d be a young newcomer with a great ambitions with a bright look at my future.

That’s just because I lived my life mostly to present my brother for his success in his life; become a famous writer as he, in his whole almost short life, could and wanted to be. You know; to be a body for this soul. I might decide to do it just like my mother, she did it for my father from the beginning of their marriage till father’s death. that’s another story which I’ll write it down one day.

Of course, I have to mention that I, also have some talents in arts as I’ve tried sometimes; in the music and in the theatres, and the effects were not disappointing. To point it out here; my brother’s wished also to see me succeed in.

But for me, it was clear if I’d dive deeply too into the world of arts, we might both get lost without any success.

Anyhow, our fate wasn’t so fair and my effort to show the world his genius talent failed, he left this planet and I had to discover myself again as a newborn child, digging the oppressed talents and wishes, but to find out that it isn’t so easy. Let’s back to my condition with the symptom “Burnout”

After this short announcement above, I try to explain why I feel it so; as I keep working in the week the job which I just do it financially, I try to clean my soul at the weekend by actuating my inner spirit. But lately, I felt it’s getting too much!! It is at first because of my interests to several objects like; Archaeology(Egyptology), Psychology, Philosophy, Social Politics (I worked as a political journalist once in Iran) and for all these, I have only time in the weekends. on the other side, I try not to miss anything in through the weeks as I doing my job, by looking permanently on my poor Smartphone (Smallphone!! 😀 ) and you can’t imagine how big is the difference between these two worlds; the job which I earn money by it and there is no need for any talent or creativity, and the lovely work which I do on the weekends. they are two different worlds. There I noticed by the way, that I’m getting confused. You know; forgetting this or mix-up that and making mistakes. I am not the youngest one who I once was anymore, you know? Therefore, I decided to reduce the themes at the weekend, it is a pity but the only chance not to lose my mind! I’d rather reduce the job in the week but
unfortunately, I can’t because of the financial situation. the only hope is my retirement that will be in the next year and if I stay alive, I will surely work on my lovely part more.

At the end, I just wanna say that it is very nice and calming for me to open my heart and share my thoughts with you dear friends, you’re much appreciated and wishing you all the best. ❤ ❤

2 thoughts on “Burnout!

  1. After reading so many other people’s words on your website Alaedin, it’s always great when you share your own heartfelt words and stories. As always a great read from you, thank you for sharing. Bright Beltane Blessings, Deborah.

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    • Thank you deeply and heartily dearest Deborah, you have spreaded me a great happiness with your kind words 🙏❤🙏❤ it inspires me to dare writing more about my life and my thoughts. You are a wonderful friend to appreciate. Thank you so much ❤❤❤❤

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