Jean-François Champollion under the spell of Ramses II of Turin!


As I noticed right now, there is something strange that happened to my WordPress site. I posted this some minutes ago but couldn’t see it, and I found it dated 2 June! 😮 As I still know, today is June 10th. The only way to get back to the future, I thought I must reblog it before I’d drown in the past… 😜🤦‍♂️


Ramses II, or the Great; ‘Rais the one who bore him’ or ‘born of Ra’, (Rhaméssēs),c.1303 BC– July or August 1213; reigned 1279–1213 BC, was the thirdpharaohof theNineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. He is often regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of theNew Kingdom, itself the most powerful period ofAncient Egypt.His successors and later Egyptians called him the “Great Ancestor”. He is known asOzymandiasin Greek sources (Koinē Greek:Οσυμανδύας,romanized:Osymandýas),from the first part of Ramesses’sregnal name,UsermaatreSetepenre, “TheMaatofRais powerful, Chosen of Ra”. More on Wikipedia

He was undoubtedly the greatest pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty – and one of the most important leaders of ancient Egypt. The ostentatious pharaoh is best remembered for his exploits at the Battle of Kadesh, his…

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