Cézanne and I

Cézanne et moi.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Cézanne et moi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%C3%A9zanne_and_I

I’d like to paint the way you write; says Cezanne to Zola.

I think there fits also the other way round; I’d like to write the way you paint.

Le jour où Zola et Cézanne ont rompu

It’d be a short post (because my lovely granddaughter Mila will come soon?)
I have watched this movie yesterday, though I have recorded some weeks ago and it was so wonderful that I wanted to share it with you, might be interested to see it.

I was fascinated by this movie, not only because of the amazing atmosphere at the end of the 19th century’s but also to see these crazy and unpredictable genius whom I saw them all in my life in my family!

Let’s meet the genius again in a very sensitive version 😊have a wonderful weekend 🙏💖

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