Folklore Objects: Orbuculum & Aztec Mirrors


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Have you ever been to a fortune teller? If so you may have spotted an attractive Orbuculum also known as a Crystal Ball aligned in the centre of a round table. 

The Cunning folk would explain ones’ future events using their clairvoyance and the magical art of scryingalso known as crystallomancy, crystal gazing or spheromancy. While using their unique psychic abilities they can view ones future by gazing into the Orbuculum.

Photo below of John Dee’s crystal ball, housed in the British Museum. Photo via Wikipedia Commons


History & Background of the Orbuculum & Aztec Mirrors:

The Celtic Druids were the first accredited to scry the future  and observe omens within Beryl balls. During the First Century CE, Pliny the Elder expressed users of crystal balls as soothsayers “Crystallum orbis,” was later penned in Medieval Latin by scribes as orbuculum. It became very popular in the Roman empire…

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