These days, many things have been happening around that I feel baffled! First, we got infected, then recovered and now the unexpected war. At first, thank goodness that we have all (the family) got through with this virus, and everybody is Okay. (although when I strain my body, I feel a little exhausted now and then, showing how this virus is effective, with its subsequent trace.

And now, we have war, again, in Europe. As I look through history, I see how the nations were hungry to wage war for pride or even fun in the last centuries. But after WWII, the hunger for wars have the leaders of the countries and not the people. President Putin wants to have the same territory (like the great USSR) as North America wanted once to have when looking towards the South. As anybody might remember, all the countries’ leaders in the South of America were like puppets and corrupt. They were all organized by the US government to come into power and serve them. The breakthrough came from Cuba and with Fidel Castro. And practising freedom came one after another in the neighbourhood. But the USA had never attended to attack the Souther countries or made any war. President Putin had done it, though, and we can notice how desperate he is.

When in the 90s, the Ukrainians were demonstrating for their freedom in their Maidan, wasn’t it better that Europe not only sat and watched the procedure but helped them to get what they wanted? Wasn’t that a failure which we can see now the result? In any case, we are now where we shouldn’t be or didn’t want to be, and we can only hope something sensible comes up in the minds of those in charge.

Anyway, let us look at something beautiful, natural, Nature! Yes, Nature is innocent and maybe a place for us to run away from the meanness of the human for a moment.

And of course some special by my adorable lady:

With the palm trees all over our sight.

I have to add here that, as we are likely healthy, that’s why a lot come to us: some round birthdays: This Saturday a 40, in the North (Bremen city) next weekend a 60 on the other side towards South: Hagen city! Maybe to be ill is sometimes better! Have a lovely and peaceful weekend, everybody.

19 thoughts on “A TRIP IN THE CANARY ISLANDS (LANZAROTE) P3 (Everything Tropical)

  1. Beautiful pics, LM. A welcome contrast to the ugly conflict. I’m glad you remind us that U.S. is just as guilty of colonial expansion. They are just more sly, secret about it. Planting β€œpuppet” leaders in South American countries, for example… Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Putin is like an unhappy pathetic little child who’s going to make the whole world pay for his own felt unhappiness. Grow Up!

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  2. 2022 has been such a difficult year already for so many and it’s only February. Thank you dear Aladin for sharing some beauty in the midst of these terrible, grey, smoke-filled days. I’m glad to hear that you and your family have recovered from Covid, and that you all only suffered with mild symptoms. Thankfully, your immunity will last for months. Love and light, Deborah.

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  3. elainemansfield

    Beautiful images and I’m glad you had a healing journey. Stay well and safe.

    I don’t understand the thrill of war, but think Putin didn’t expect this response from the world or from Ukraine. Biden quietly builds coalitions which has always been his skill. I grieve for the people of Ukraine who show such courage. I’m well aware of my country’s ugly history of supporting dictatorships around the world, especially in South America. Then we can go into our centuries of slavery and prejudices against people from other countries from the Middle East to China and on. Prayers to Ukraine. If our previous president were still in the White House, he would send our soldiers to fight for Putin.

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