Rest in Peace; You are Free Now From Freedom!


I beg your pardon, but there is no other way, it is heavy on my heart! Have patience and mercy!

Oh yes! I’m still alive and back to being normal (at least I’m trying), and I’m still full of disappointment and disgust. I actually enjoyed these days being isolated; I think I can live in quarantine forever and ever. I am very content with my solitude. Anyway, naturally and as usual, I have my old professional curiosity, and looked all the time what do people do? And I keep wondering what’s going on with the free folk of the West. I run away from a dictatorial country with many hopes of finding the individual here in the West; some personality with own ideas and free from announcements from above. But what do I see; the mass, the majority! I learned in a dictatorship that democracy means to protect minorities. Otherwise, in Iran or Turkey or Russia or China, the majority always is the measure, and a minority have to shut up!

Farhad Foroutanian
Lovely isolation
Isolation is a gift to som

I was recently watching the news on German television, and suddenly I saw a report about #Canada, and I said; wow, finally we see something about #Canada. But WAF; the essay wanted to show how a few apostates (they have argued that most #Canadian people are vaccinated, so this small group is a small cheeky minority who must be taught the order.) make noises. The excellent police will soon all sweep away! You might imagine what I felt at that moment: I am not in Belarus or Azarbayjan or Iran? Or elsewhere, I am in Germany, with freedom of the press!?!”

Some of you might not notice what happens right now in #Canada; it is typical; what should we do with that? We live elsewhere in our beautiful country! Here is everything OK! But it is all about Democracy, not only for the #Canadians but for all of us.

Now, our saviours, heroes, chosen ones, and governments (in Germany) want to dedicate a little bit of freedom to us, albeit a little bit that we children don’t get cheeky. For example, I am recovered from the virus, and as a convalescent, I should only have freedom of movement for three months, they said. However, it came out that the parliamentarians have six months free! ( somehow, the free press had still little to say;) Well, they may be something special.?! In any case, when that came out, they accepted that it is not correct! And gave me, and the other like me, the same period of six months of free movement. Do you think that we should laugh at this shit game? Maybe we can, but the small bisinesses who have gone broke by these lockdowns can’t laugh.

Farhad Foroutanian
Go freedom go!
One of the highest ideals in life is freedom, but sometimes people lose sight of this goal and end up only exchanging a smaller cage for a slightly larger one

Let’s be honest, if you’re at all interested in the freedom of the people in the World. You watch the reports on tv how in China or Myanmar or Russia or Belarus, human rights are being trampled underfoot, and everyone who resists it is being granted on praised in the west and bestowed with great prizes. But there is no talk about Iran? In Iran, the mullahs mercilessly drag every sixteen or seventeen-year-old child into prison, torture them and ignore the crying mothers out there in front of the prison walls? We don’t hear anything about it here in the western countries because it’s going great with bargaining and negotiation with Iran. The other countries are politically in favour to be in the critics, but the Mullahs aren’t that bad?! Never!!!

In truth, I’m fed up with the talk of Democracy. This is not the Democracy that I fought for all my life. Although, I don’t give up, as you see: No energy but still alive! I may have not so much time, but I can’t let it be; the blood which was shed for is much worth. We MUST think twice!

What I believe at the time, it is just laugh! Indeed:

16 thoughts on “Rest in Peace; You are Free Now From Freedom!

  1. Thank you Aladin for sharing your thoughts and feelings on this important matter. Here in the UK any suggestion of treating citizens who chose not to get vaccinated like lepers was quickly stamped on, thank goodness! And from next week we don’t have to legally isolate either if we contract covid because the government are now treating it like flu or any other virus. I don’t know if we’re going too far in the other direction or not but I do know the world’s eyes are on us at this time. I hope this turns out to be the right decision. I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling much better. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • Amen, I would say, and wish you will be right. In Munich or München is a seminar (msc), and Bill Gates was also there. I have heard that he said that Omicron is the real vaccine for the total immunity of people! Let us see if he is right 😉 love and love and love to you, my lovely angel .❤️🥰

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  2. First of all I want to tell you that I am glad that you are well, now.
    . I agree with the sad reflections you make on democracies and freedom and it saddens me a lot to read what you say is happening in Iran, because nothing is said about that in Italy

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  3. Dear Friend (that I don’t personally know but I feel he could be a friend), I subscribe any single word of your post. Indeed this is the world in which we live. But not only now. This was, is and unfortunately will be the world inside which we’re destined to live for many more years longer. Why, could you say. Because the dynamics regulating human life are still the same as millions of years ago. 50 years of technology and relative progress are not enough to cancel millions of years during which we’ve been just animals. The law of the strongest is still in our blood, in our DNA. The strongest dominates the weakest not for culture but just for instinct. Exactly like the Neanderthal’s Age. Homo Sapiens is just a name pasted to us from some enlighten scientists. Truth is there’s no still Homo Sapiens on earth. What we have seen, the behavior I mean, along these two years of pandemic siege, remind us we have a lot of road ahead to be run. There’s only a a small minority of elected persons who understood the meaning of this deadly attack which was and still is the COV-Sars-2 virus. The rest, the majority, lives by thinking that after all it was just an episode and everything will return to the way it was before. But if everything returns as before, we will be screwed with our own hands because we had already started walking along the path of self-destruction. Democracy is a fake myth. It’s a simulacrum. It is a simulacrum on which the foolish and gullible masses are sacrified. Anyone like you and me who understands which side the truth is on has only one duty to carry out. We cannot and must not be silent. We must continue to denounce, not to bow to the tyranny of the silent majority. Because this is the same tyranny that in not too distant years has produced the four greatest monsters of all epochs: Communism, Fascism, Nazism and Francoism. Never give up, my unknown friend. Keep fighting your battles. They are mine too. We keep fighting. Together. Using the only weapon we are allowed to use: the scream of a voluntary silence as a symbol of rebellion against the conformism of those who believe they are free and instead have only moved on from a smaller cage to a larger one. But it is always a cage. The freedom that the great prairie gives you to be a free thinker these people do not know and never will know because, born with a chain around their neck, they need a master to justify their miserable and empty existences.

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    • This is, of course, something that would do me good. The main thing that we must do is to keep our eyes and minds open. Free of every “isms.” Thank you so much, dear friend, for your extensive and kind comment. Cheers 🙏✌️🤗


  4. I appreciate your concern, LM. Your ideas bring to mind a quote I heard from book/movie called Cloud Atlas, “Freedom! The fatuous jingle of our civilization. But only those deprived of it have the barest inkling of what it really is.”

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  5. elainemansfield

    Aladin, I’m glad you’re feeling better and hope you continue to heal well and quickly. “Long covid” is nasty. I do the best I can politically and I’m glad I don’t live in the southern part of my country where state governments are trying to take away the right to vote. We’re all in a mess. It’s a good time to read the philosophers.

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