A Trip In The Canary Islands (Lanzarote) P2 Volcano Island


Prologue: (Play your part as Opa and Oma (Grandpa & ma).

Sometimes it’s strenuous being grandparents when the grandchild has been grown a little older and enjoyed more staying with them. It’s maybe because you do your best to make her happy.

However, you can breathe a sigh of relief when she goes back to her parents, but after a while, you miss her excessively!

Now, let’s get on the volcanoes! Our first plan was to rent a car to participate in the volcano tour. Renting a car was complicated enough as the production of new automobiles has become less in the last years, you can hardly find one. However, we’ve got a car, or better to say, a cart, to have our tours around. (Regina has always had many plans!)

It was an exciting experience. We drove to a parking lot, and there we had to get into one of the buses, which took us around the hills and mountains on a narrow street and let us look at the so many volcanoes.

I have recorded a short clip:

Here we can have a better view with my adorable wife’s pics.

Especially when the driver, in a short break, offered Regina his help to take some pictures with her mobile-phone:

Anyway, it was a one-for-all tour. There were explanations in three languages; Spain, English, and German, which you may notice in the video. (no French! je ne sais pas pourquoi?), and the tour ended with Johann Strauss’s Also Sprach Zarathustra. What for me as a Jungian is self-evident! It is also good here, I think, to finish this with a Masterwork of all time in cinema. I will try for the third section. 🙏🤗💖

22 thoughts on “A Trip In The Canary Islands (Lanzarote) P2 Volcano Island

  1. A Magnificent part 2, and fitting ending to this magical mystery tour of volcano island🌋 fantastic!

    Alert* On my iPhone WordPress reader app I cannot see or click on the video links you post😱 So I will try again from my laptop later when I’m done at work. Is the last link for 2001? I’m guessing? Idk if other readers have the and issue in their phones, but an easy remedy would be to paste just the link (not the embedded video) below the embed, as a backup. That way I could directly click the linked text, or copy paste it into browser.

    Great post, LM😀

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  2. A slightly hair raising coach trip in your clip, but I enjoyed the view, and hearing Spanish spoken after a very long time. A spectacular landscape, which does look otherworldly.
    I’ve done a similar trip to Shehanne! It was very hot🥵

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  3. elainemansfield

    Opa and Oma showing their grandchildren the world. I know grandkids are exhausting, but there’s so much love and adventure–and the parents get a break. Thanks for taking us on a video trip and sharing hills, cave entrances, and blue skies. The driver seemed careful, unlike bus trips I took many years ago in the mountains of Mexico. I’m glad your journey was a success.

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