A Glimpse of Truth


After a long while, I must reblog this; a history of thoughts, to see every corner of our minds…There is a teacher who talks about our ways in today education!
PS: with the FFB or C masks, I can’t breathe!


Back to school after Christmas break: new rules, old madness. Post-Christmas on-line staff meetings have reached unbelievable levels of senselessness this year. Here is a sheer example.

Principal (smiling): Welcome back to school. Can you hear me? Yes? Good. I have had some problems with my connection this morning……So, we are gathered here today to implement the new dispositions from the Ministry of Education which have just been dispatched……

Teacher WhatsApp chat:

(Maria) : Here is yet another scam! To be sure. Ready?😤

 ( Mick) : You bet!😤

Principal:  (keeps talking)….. the teaching activity will continue in presence, with the obligation to wear FFP2 type masks….

Teacher WhatsApp chat:

( Mick) : With 220.000 cases per day, in presence!!!😤

 (Susan) : They want us dead!😲

 (Maria) : Wear the mask and go…

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15 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Truth

  1. This conversation seems absurd whatever way you look at it! Here in the UK as of Thursday last week all school children no longer wear masks and on Thursday this week, apart from our health settings, everyone no longer needs to wearing masks. All government working from home guidance and the covid passes, all of it will be gone. I don’t know whether to be angry or happy or just terrified so I’ll continue sitting in the middle of things and wait and see what our government decides to do next until Boris changes his mind again, and again and again. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • I’m glad things are different in the U.K. . Those are the latest, crazy dipositions of the Italian Ministry of Education. The Italian approach is exactly the opposite of what Boris Johnson has recently disposed, but think about it: which are the countries with the highest number of dead in Europe? Italy and the U.K. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.🙋🏼

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      • And here in Germany, many changes appeared in one night! The vaccinated people with Johnson & Johnson seem to be not inoculated at all! And they who recovered from Covid are only three months safe instead of nine months! Is it not absolute crazy?! 😏🥴

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  2. elainemansfield

    It’s hard to know where this latest Covid mess will lead us, but it feels like the world is collapsing in so many ways–all at the same time. No one knows what to do. I stay locally focused in my peaceful environment and give thanks for a reasonable woman who is governor of New York State. I’ve never, ever stayed home so much, but this is a good time of life for a forest retreat.

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